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Fly like a bird i'll travel to Rio
Cuban on my neck, yeah Zane stay frio
She so bad, smoke green she Shego
Dance like Mike, but rock like Tito

had 'em under the glass, I made the purchase
Climbed up and I whizzed 'em off in the sky

Even stood up on the chimney, whizzed 'em off in the sky
In the Wee wee hours, I used to play Maybellene
And the days whizzed Together, until someone came between
I didnæ?° lay No money down, cause she
And continued on his journey all once again
Just about the time a siren fast-approached and
The pot bellied sheriff he whizzed right in
With his self inflicted
cops now
Barely breathin tryin to keep from gettin shot down
Boo-yaow is the sound, bullet whizzed by
Still runnin like a nigga got nine lives
anyone could even hear the first shot go off
I'm posted up at the bar, having a mazeltov
Bullet whizzed right by my ear, damn near shot it off
Thank God
like the bullets that whizzed by
Running for blocks in the night, but never did die
Things go shaky and I'm sane more lately
But I guess mama
In his one safe place

A bullet ensuring the right to life
Whizzed past his kid and his wife
And knocked his glasses right off of his face
as the bullets whizzed by 

Prayin to Allah cause they don't want to die 

But neither do I, fuck it, I gotta be here 

As a rap artist, it's a vital part
A beer stein whizzed past us, and crashed to the pavement
As we entered the Ox Yoke Inn Restaurant
This might have been normal for some places we've
Eaten up by wolves you would not belong
I fought hard, but your guns were well aimed
The bullets flew like birds and whizzed by our ears like wind
and whizzed one right past Raymond's ear
I still hear the cheers in the stands
Little League Baseball

1954, Peter J. McGovern
Former president of Little League
whizzed overhead
We cowered against the wall
The wall was about to fall
"Look, they shook, let's get it on"
Shots whizzed, his depression was all gone
Emotion will lift him, please use the proper form
Bended the knee, rolled
grew to take its place.
Finally, Rama used a very powerful weapon
which was the mightiest of all mighty weapons,
the weapon whizzed through the air
And Grandma's ears were ringing.

A house burnt down on the edge of town
We all took off with Pa
This thing whizzed across the road
And nearly
disheveled the stress levels is high
As I try to make sense of the time that whizzed by
Saw the looks dilapidate at a rapid rate
Used to be virile (?) made

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