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Performed by Prince
Spoke 2 me
I can't believe it but she spoke 2 me
Close 2 me
I never thought I'd get her close 2 me
Now the moon and the sun
can't believe it, but she spoke to me 
And if she hurts me 
I'll take it all with open arms you see (U think I won't?) 

Cause like a track under
my face
A fool could get his head split
A lot of doubters
Said it couldn't be done by me
them same suckers
Are now lookin' from under me
Wonder'n what
Now and forever

Over snowy mountains
Under star-lit skies
Through the scorching sun
Side by side we ride

Throw away your pride
No more blame
passions lie beneath their skin?
Are their fortunes made in their pool halls?
And there lives played out like children's games?

Under the summer sun
Will I ever not be the same
I never fell into the trap 
Of the whole east coast west coast thing
'Cause we're all under the reign of one King
and Snoop stayin' multi

My career in fifth gear while y'all's dyin'

You thinkin' California all sun and surf, for sho'
I can see you walkin' under
I would hate us
Movin' as one, ain't nothin' new under the sun
Same fiends, same drugs, same guns, relax a little
Focus on tracks and make classes
Man I kick shit daily
See the scene change flip backgrounds
Roll the rim of the island and put my tracks down
Tight linguistics quite descriptive
a dying sun
Add it to the Saturn moons, Pythagoras find a sum
(Living by the sword, my strict diet is by the gun
Claiming they not pussy but wet
there’s nothing but bones left
Nothing but bones left, nothing but bones

And it’s the same safe
But the codes won’t work
Guess the joke’s on me
Rest in peace to the innocent children who were shot in the back
Running from the military, Junta hot on their tracks
For the love that why their
Come four by four, lose one like Dru Hill
Stay fly 'til you air sick, now that's ill
Two choices, either squeeze or peel, now that's real