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I technically don't feel
Like I'm invincible
Then again
Mortality's the principle
It's ironic how I'm judged upon my street credit
But on the outside
the digits on the screen

Demonic presence is traced among the place
Don't let them get inside you their presence then drives you technically can't move
not check for me
Mention my name respectfully
I don't owe you shit technically
Thats why there's no catching me
Cause all of you niggas is Feds
You cant
I love you like magical[00:24.00]No logical chemistry[00:25.06]You've got me sprung[00:26.08]Technically automatically[00:28.08]We fall in
won't synch up
Girl, break my heart if you must
Step on it, turn it into dust
Technically I'm still your crush 
Technically can we still fuck?
a couple things that probably weren't technically true.

They disconnected the phone last week.
That's how we lost the connection
So we went down
it’s technically the weekend
You can do the same shit that you’ve done all week
But now, it’s technically the weekend
Log in remote, gotta punch
It's a tragedy, everybody's dying slow
Everybody dies so technically we all just gotta go
There's a whole other dimension waiting for us but you
Now technically
The summer is over
Now technically
All the pain should be gone

Hard to detect
Structural abnormalities
All the scans are clear
With a sense of

Well, in fact
Well, I'll look at it this way
I mean, technically, our marriage is saved
Well, this calls for a toast
So pour
Control is waiting patiently

Dissolve into
Tomorrow with a shade of gloom
The measuring of days turned weeks
Guess I'm technically alive

Frost on my
around he gon' lock it down confinement 
Hold up hold up wait 
I mean you fine babe 
But lets not create an issue
Technically we're not official 
So just
the bands I'm a hoe 
(I'm a hoe)
But technically I'm a gigolo 
Fuck a old bitch for the dough
(For that cash)
I'm a give her dick and then I go
Rollin' down my street, I'm doin' bidness, boy you know I'm gettin'
If I front yo brick, then technically, I own that block I'm shittin'
Onna bitch,
of things
With a sense of... 

Oh, Well in fact,
Well I'll look at this way,
I mean technically our marriage is saved,
Well this calls for,
A toast so,
With a sense of

Well, in fact
Well, I'll look at it this way
I mean, technically, our marriage is saved
Well, this calls for a toast
So pour
to Sydney Harbour
Where the dockers have organised
The world's longest picket line

Technically this is an illegal strike, never cross a picket line
You never learn do you?
How many times you gotta walk down the same path before you realize that's not the way?

Am I alive? (technically)
I can't
and she still links me
And she says that it's not a lie
Technically, as long as she tells me enough of the truth
Look, I'm turning into your average dude
Technically an adult
But I still feel like a kid
I don't like the real world
I never did
I wish they taught us in school
That's it
I wish I weren't
When waking up involves taking drugs
Then you know you're in too deep
Won't open my eyes till I'm snorting some lines
Or I'm technically asleep
treat me
But technically I'm crazy
We couldn't do without each other
Just because it was just only 

Hated how you'd treat me
But technically I'm crazy
technically wreckin'
And I've been technically stressin'
About my life and how I gotta start checkin' my blessings
And countin' off in sevens (One, two, three,
don't even know if I should go in
The parties in my car I'm the DJ that gone throw it
Legally I bought it but technically I stole it
I pull up

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