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They do their best to
Keep us sundered
We have known for a long time
The terror is everywhere
If we could know what it means to be with you
It we knew
melts all the demons down     
Is it still the same in your imagination?
Why're we sundered by the tide?
Our time has turned out bitter wine
As a live
between two worlds will be shattered 

Behind the wall, he sleeps, and soon he will rise 
Ancient one, great and strong, must be sundered 
For the fate
of Gul-Kothoth was finally sundered amidst an earsplitting cacophony of shattering oak and iron louder than any storm-born thunderclap. With the rending
feel the curse lives deep inside?
We defeat, we deplete
We take your life
In your nightmares we ride
Across dreams and sundered skies
Forever fighting,
Words wrested, pouring from wounds

All ambition unhinged, plundered

All intention expunged, sundered

The trigger 
The sequence, of events has - calamity 
Brought forth, inevitably 
This collapse of 
Final ruin 
Time has sundered
Time has
Use well the days

Seven stars and seven stones
And one white tree from all the sundered seas

Use well the days
Use well the days
Turn your face
Utterly execerbated, forver deleterious
Slicing through skin, sundered larynx, veins spraying blood
Tattered windpipe, facial carvings, another

Agonizing, terrifying, excruciating horrid ghastly pain

Separated, lacerated, castrated, sundered severed limbs
Sheer torture
Unbridled torment
I Gaze through the mist at the approaching host
My hand finds the hilt of my sword
Soon they are sundered their bodies we roast
Their leader is
Does wonders for the sundered gloom
For all lit up the shades retreat
To dark Italian pews
And corners where great vases stand
Abrim with thoughts
From Heaven's shored poured to the sore divide

The moon was black

Devil may care
Their thunder sundered all his veils
Thickening there
Wandering within the memory of a world
Two shadows met; two shapes, which had been men
Untimely sundered from the broken flesh
By battle; ghosted
From the things that A sundered
Till we die
See my heart pump cold
I believe you a foe
You gonna respect my mind
And just watch my line
And just
I wish there was a way to just let it Go... but still keep control

I fell trapped in this space
They won't let me escape
In a bottle I lay
The mother of hate flashes
The flash got me sundered My gutter Mind crashes
I'm 6 feet under Burried in their casket (uhh)
Thundered down deep drowning in its
sundered, fractured one
Two halves of a splintered ego
Never to reforge
Those thoughts, that time
When everything fell apart
Our wants, goals and wishes
rights to be sundered
Thoughts made to be redundant
Fit to be just plundered
Is this the world we wonder
Intertwined, with legalized, we’re hypnotized by
its ok
kids are unafraid
with no fear of being sundered
generation z
carrying the thunder
all day
theyll rile up the country
w the pundits
Here lay the souls of the dark
Under the deadly nightshade
Here the fair and sundered apart
Doomed are those who tarry
Here lay!
Sleeping under
empires once renounced 
Shattered and razed beneath the lunar-sundered crown

By hands bloodied and broken 
Words and deeds unwrought in the death of life
A pile of sundered wings
From which I'll make a house
The son of man was a woman
The Earth is killing me

I would lay my head on you
I would see you
Of the sundered and
Under my steps are the bones and the rot
From the guts of the wrecked
Then I rip
Open chest with the metal I pick
Get him clipped
Step get

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