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Skeltah album called... 
Sean Price be like, "I'm not sure any" yeah that was my shit
I used to bump that shit all day
By this time I knew I wanted to be
Music by: Daniel Trejo Jr. and Robert Garza
- -
These are my last words
I'm not sorry for all the hate inside

Become this oath
Stand up to the words
esta loco,
Yo me lo como como pastelito coco
I get on stupid on a beach, she wowo
I got mamis, mamis by the boatload
Yo tengo la carne, y ella el mojo
Jenny, mira que esta loco, 
Yo me lo como como pastelito coco
I get on stupid on a beach, she wowo
I got mamis, mamis by the boatload
Yo tengo la
for a fee, dirty water
Bodies floatin' in the sea, dirty water
Blood flowin' from the ground, dirty water
Ain't no filters in this town, dirty water
Neckbone, Tre, Head Ron, Punchy too
Big Rock got knocked, but this one's for you
I hit the studio and drop a jewel, hoping it pay
Getting high watching
Styles I flips retarded 
Family who can handle this 
From Illtown to S.E. to Los Angeles 

I thought I told you  have my mo ney (Whatcha wan'
the mic
I get around the whole city so I do wear Nike
I like the funky beat
A studio like to meet
I write the crazy fresh lyrics
And I don't eat meat
murderers, drug spot burglars
Niggas doing anything to acquire that paper
Live the life of crime but got saved by the rhyme
Peace to all my niggas doing
the hood
But them rappers don't live there they live in Hollywood

It ain't about where you at it's about where you from
If you ever go back they might
intervene with sin
From insight, my inner-light beams within
Pin-point focus, move silently un-noticed
When you attack, I fall back in the wind like the lotus
a drug addict
I'm sucking all night long on a ten foot bong
Moistened with lotion,
wrapped in a sarong I live like a king
but you know that I act like
So get your egg crashed, by my Hellz Wind Staff
While the feature broadcast is splashed to tell the news
Like Katie Chung, how the bullet collapsed
Broadcasting live from the left coast
The land of la la, movie stars, pimps, playas, hustlers and purse straps
It's w balls, the station that murders them all
To me, please Gotti, here I go
Gimme this pill, exstacy dun' got me feelin so
Now all of a sudden I'm a fuckin mad man who screams
Like I'm
can't you see yourself by my side
No surprise when you're on his shoulder like every night
Oh my love, can't you see a child on my mind
Don't suppose
get'em up in the air
You're too young to live like this
But you ain't too fast to die."
Just another foot-soldier in a stupid little war
of choppers 
Carol City will make holes in you so big, 
They can't be plugged by doctors 

Nigga, this is the real Dade County 
Where we are soldiers from
Philly never scared and them niggas ain't timid there
Them young triggers lose lives by the minute there
It might start but the fight never finish there
in a cemetery
And if anybody thinks they're sick in the head
Then I'm going to rip him to shreds live on the stage like Jeremy
I'm going in for
This is life is bout it check bout a number
Think of all the love I lost
Because my quest is not a meal
I feel like you stupid
Don't talk to me I'm
Even though we all thugs
Don't judge us by our action, but judge us by our heart
The wicked, spies upon the righteous
God blesses the man,
that bitch lyin'
I've been on the get a billion dollar, rich grind
In the studio, I'm skating like a inline
Sorry I went Kristi Yamaguchi with
from hanging out
That was my life without you

You came and changed everything
Took me from fall to spring
Degraded by love, for you il do anything

So I
against me 
Said fuck it, bought me a dog ever since me and my dog has been like this 
He got my back I got his, scheming on mad niggas 
That's how we do