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Limb from limb
Curled glands
Hacked giblets
Stumps for hands

Limb from bloody limb

Ruptured spleen
Rancid loin
Shattered ribs
Voir d'autres couleurs
Voir d'autres couleurs

Spleen, puis du cœur
Le tour m'embrouille mes
It's never quite as good
The day you left me stood
Standing on my own two feet
I've you to thank for that

Vent my spleen let it all come clean
fills up my spleen with bile
And all the while I thought you gave a damn
hope isn't helping you

Spitting out guts from their gears
Draining our spleen over years
Found my severed crossed fingers in the rubble there
But where is the shame?
When the star pet is to blame
Aah you butt cheeks can't stay
As I spleen my name in flame
T'es où, petite sœur?
Dans quel Brooklyn?
Chez quel fumeur?
T'es où, petite sœur?
Est-ce que son spleen te plaît?
Y a l'eau, y a l'heure

Arriva un momento nella vita
Durante il quale ci si inizia a sentire insoddisfatti
Come schiacciati da un coperchio verso
Change is all we need to improve

Hard to believe I never had a spleen
Never had a spleen
Never had a dream
? is your favorite steal
I caught you
The lowest trees have tops, the ant her gall
The fly her spleen, the little spark his heat
And slender hairs cast shadows though but small
a broken spleen
Crush myself a play

No more seeds are sown
I'm a microphone
Take me out again

We're so weird [Repeat x8]
the mayor's itch

Then you took care of his clerk
You fixed up John Green and the old bishop's spleen
Put everyone out of work
Wake up baby, oh baby open
Say hello to my little friend
A broken spleen and a heart of gold
Has a face that the world adores, yeah
But lives a life that belongs in hell, no
On the patchwork blanket on my bed 
And shave and shave and shave 

Now I am a shick on spleen 
Cutting every morning 
All my legs, all my head 
Born to shave,
Rigor mortis sets in, achieving thrills
The doctor is in

Thrusting tools incyst
Our minds are tools that wreck
The bonesaw abused
Your spleen
vent my spleen I'll keep my dreams
My flesh, my bones, my soul, I own 
My mind's a weapon immune from infection 
Blood in my eyes, my vision is clear
Parasitic your syphilitic

Swastika eyes 
You got 
Swastika eyes 
You got
Swastika eyes, swastika eyes, swastika eyes

I'll vent my spleen

Je m'ennuie
C'est le vide
Le spleen
C'est l'hymne
A l'ennui d'être
Je m'ennuie
Un méant béant
Petite nausée
Temps dilué
avoir vraiment rêvé
Est-ce une envie? Parfois, j'me sens obligée

Le spleen n'est plus à la mode, c'est pas compliqué d'être heureux
Le spleen n'est
avoir vraiment rêvé
Est-ce une envie? Parfois, j'me sens obligée

Le spleen n'est plus à la mode, c'est pas compliqué d'être heureux
Le spleen n'est
and final bout

If you're getting in then I'm getting out
This is a crime without passion
Blood washes away blood
I want to vent my spleen
Temptation of Indulgence 
Divides and conquers my mind 
An elegy for fading youth 
Welcome to mankind 

If you provide the spleen 
Then I'll
And I always carry a purse
I got eyes like a bat, and my feet are flat
My asthma's getting worse

Consider my career, my sweetheart dear
My poor old
on, color my spleen spleen
I can't get enough of codeine
If you make me stop, you know you owe me
Good pussy, good money, good genes
I just wanna

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