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I used to mark the calendar and watch the days go by
For the pretty little snowflakes to fall down from the sky
And when they'd whiten
family and strangers
Were only to fall on deaf ears
I had to face my fears

Now you've got to tell me
Do we have enough love
To weather the hard
Every one of you unclean spirits
I'm runnin' you outta town, depression, strife
Disease and fear, your posse's goin' down
Boy, last tenderfoot who
John Roy was a boy I knew
Since he was 3 and I was two
Grew up two little houses down from me
The only bad apples on our family tree
it seems to be more precious, 
than life it's self
it picks you up in spirit, 
when your going through hell
the softnest of your wisper, 
as i
Fire in the sky 
Out of the blue and into the red depths
Time for you and I 
To try to fall asleep 
In the bed they've made us
All came crumbling
to see a grown man cry
Sometimes my homies stop by
They're smoking joints and get the high
Spirit, if they could only know that I hear it when they
By the ignorant of doctrine?

These aren't Christian "e's"
Learn 'em better than your A,be,see,'s
In your mind cause them be
was me then, up on the screen then
Getting taught humbleness by a mad man!"
I'm down with releasing the inner peace
You're only down with releasing your
your coffin, my heart races,
I drop tears and watch my nigga fall form greatness,
It's all wasted, flushed down the drain, and
Soon as the news hit
coffin, my heart races
I dropped tears and watch my nigga fall from greatness

It's all wasted, flushed down the drain and
Soon as the news hit me, I bust
I see coming down
And I have no opinions
So I feel no remorse
I can see the Black Knight
Riding up on his horse
And there's fire in his nostrils
You read it in the word, your kingdom is gonna fall
We're goin down to the enemy's camp and we're gonna take it all


Souljahs at war,
you will ever see
A fine line between genius and insanity
I walk between the spirit world and humanity
A fine line between a hero and a vaudevillian
EL-P Speaking:

Is there anyone close.. by.. who can listen to this?
And who can see it.. plain as day
Look how it FALLS down
Falls down upon
was to stay low
I guess it's hard to decipher all of the bills
Especially when you got family members on payroll
The media said it was outlandish
John Roy was a boy I knew
Since he was 3 and I was 2
Grew up 2 little houses down from me
The only bad apples on our family tree
Kinda ripened
since his birth, he was a nuisance to humanity
I wish he died instead of mom. Maybe then I'd love family
But I'd smile at pops, concealing that feeling
Niggaz-niggaz, hated by mo' bitch ass niggaz
Took a fall, got arrested then you bitches got bold
What you thought I wasn't coming back, to bomb on you hoes
Birth and ever, these family problems is hurtin'
Both of my sisters is pregnant, fuckin' feel like murkin'
All I have is my word and my balls
I be the first ever Asian astronaut
Blastin' off, castin' off
The ties that bind like a smashed guitar
Rode a mastodon out Jurassic Park
Chased by
thoughts to a page
Let 'em fall where they please
Let 'em rise to the sky, rain down, on four seas
An ocean of possibilities that dwellin'
keeping it real with me

'Cause I ain't got no fear, under the atmosphere
Trying to stay high, as long as we down here
Listen closely, see what we bout here
and beaten into submission
By family, church, school and state.
From then on we're easy game for the powermongers.
Like pathetic circus dogs we hunt out