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This is a work of fiction
Names, characters, businesses, events, and incidents are the products of the author's Imagination
Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, or actual events, is purely Coincidental
This is a Shockocracy, this is satire, but Not Sees are real

It's not hard
To be a bard on four strings
It's really not hard
To be a bard
On four strings

What's hard
Is being heard as a bard
Who has something nice to sing
But just can't sing the thing
That's what's hard
To be the kind of Bard
That would like to sing the nice thing
I'd prefer to sing the nice thing
Yes I would
That'd be good
Yes I would
That would be oh so good

So why am I stuck
Why am I stuck
Why am I stuck in the gateway between Heaven and Hell
Why am I stuck at the Gate, always riding the fence
Why can't I commence
The next part of the story
I don't know the answer
Do you know yours? Of course I know you're
Listening with a heart to your own life
I do that too when I listen to music
That's why I'm doing this for you
And a little bit for me
That's why I'm doing this for you
That's why I'm doing this for me
Can you see? I'm just like you

You hear my out of tune Muse
You hear its dark views
You see the Lightning in its eyes
You see the angel wings but those are talons
This isn't talent, it's talons
The talons of a Dark Eagle
A dark eagle looking over the landscape
A shadow moving over the ground
A dark eagle looking for pray, but preying on none
A dark eagle just looking at what's happening on the ground
From up above the Earth
A dark eagle just looking at the ground
To see if someone needs help
Could anybody else out there need some help? Maybe so
Help those you can
And the others you have to let go
You have to let them go
Because they need their freedom
They need their independence
They can't be dependent upon you, that's right
They need their freedom
So they can grow the F up
You've grow Furies up your whole life
Why can't one of them be your brother
You forgive everyone else but your brother
It's time maybe for you to grow up, Doctor Deer

My name is Azrael
And I've been watching this shit-show
I don't understand what's happening here
You got Cain and Abel
This is an old story, friends
Aren't we past nursery school? Let's settle the matter

You have a recording of your brother renouncing his inheritance
That's legal to do in the State of New Jersey, of course it is, that's right
You're the master spellcaster on Earth
You've researched magic right alongside psychology
It was the topic of your dissertation
And your post-doctoral studies on hypnosis, and influence and the truth
And you're worried about him? Because of a mistake he made
Him? This guy
I'm sorry, but in 700,000 years I've never seen anything quite like this
Not since Cain and Abel
Why is this family so dramatic?
Wait a minute, they're Juice
Wait a minute
Joo on Joo crime
A jealousy crime
Oh yeah we wrote this shit in Genesis when we wrote books back then
And were the first storytellers of such things on earth
Well, kind of, OK not really
That's a privileged view
The oral traditions of Africa were even deeper than those of the Middle East
And China already had sophisticated technological empires
Of course they did, as did Egypt
And then there were the Atlantians but let's not talk about those
Because we think that those were fake
And then let's not about the Jain before the Buddhists
Who tracked 50,000 years of saints
Saints who taught kindness
Saints who taught letting go
Saints who taught how to be brothers with a murderer
Even if he's probably gonna be your murderer
Yeah well, maybe not, if you let him go
So let your murderer go, that's the thing
Let your murderer go, that's what Azrael will sing
No, I'm not a demon from Hell
Why do you believe in Hell
Even Joos don't believe in hell if you're religious
There's just the place of darkness
We call it Sheol
The place of darkness

It's namelessness
It's namelessness
And if I call you my murderer, then you're famous forever
Especially if you never murder me
You never murder me
Well then you'll be famous and rich, I guess, forever
Maybe you'll become a nicer person
You'll probably never go to jail
I expect you'll have me dead before that
I know how much you just wanted to win
What you did to Mom was horrible
How could you do that to our Mom
Unless she humiliated you, by your lack of success
Humiliated you, on every phone call
That's why I didn't call her but every two weeks
Yet you called her every day
And I'm telling you that was a mistake
Sometimes you have to grow the Fury up my brother
And stop calling, my brother, our mother
Who is total care
Our mother, who knows a righteous Angel she raised
Our mother, who wants me to be your brother again

This is where I sing upon a Wing
This is where I rise above your eyes
This is where I fly into the Sky
And you wonder why
He's flying so High
This is where I rise into the Skies
This is where I wing a Truth to sing
The Truth I bring before your eyes will rise
And it's not even Biblical

I'm letting him go as an act of Grace
Imagine a Serpent showing Grace
That's how it feels to him
I call Baal

Master, what do You have me here for
I've been sleeping
It's very tiresome and depressing in the Pit
I'm waiting on new entries today
And I've had nothing to eat today
In fact, I would like to find something to eat soon
I might eat You, Master, if You're not careful
I might You eat, Master, I might eat You
Unless you have a meal with me, Master
Unless you have a meal with me, Master, soon

Baal, Baal, how you doin'
It's nice to see you again
Baal, Baal, how you doin'
Listen it's just Me, Shockocracy's gate guy
I have to ask you for a favor
What is it Master
Listen, you gotta stop callin' Me that
Just because I command a regiment of angels that are angry because people lie
Doesn't mean I'm all that
Baal, I'm askin' you a question
Could you kind of channel somebody for me
It's the only man on Earth who I'm afraid of as a victim, you see

Master, just tell me who you want to channel
And I'll hold open Shockocracy's gate
But you have to follow the rules if I channel him
You have to issue his rights, because
Honor Thy Father And Mother
You oath-keeping angel
Honor Thy Father And Mother
And the Mother needs you to honor him
Even if he tried to kill her, you have to honor him

Yes, master
I have to remind you that even though I'm a neutral angel, you're hellspawn
And you don't understand the Commandments like people who don't live in Hell
Honor Thy Father and Mother doesn't apply to their murderers at all
Their murderers have no standing in the Ten Commandments because they violated all Ten

Oh, well you're getting me on a technicality, Master
I'm sorry, I assumed we were dealing with non-Commandment breakers
Well this is why my favorite magical spell that i teach the humans is
No, no, no, no
Go out of tune on purpose and say No
Go out of tune on purpose and say No
Just do it in one cut, and say No
The greatest weapon on Earth is No
The greatest weapon on Earth is No
Or it should be, it should be
It should be the greatest weapon on Earth
The First Amendment protects No
The First Amendment protects No
And it protects me as an angel of the First Amendment
Because I'm the Reverend Dr. Shipon
I've been ordained for a couple years
The Reverend Dr. Shipon, it's not that hard to do
And all of my things since 2018 are protected under Freedom of Religion

Ultimate absolvable
Don't care who you are
Ultimate absolvable is me
Self-legitimizing entity
Who only affiliates with the righteous
I choose my patients that way
Even if they're on some sort of reform
I only choose the ones who are repentant
I only choose the ones who are remorseful
Forgiven is you
Forgiven is you
You little pussycat, forgiven is you
But as for your wife, I have nothin' to do with pork that grows in Pennsylvania
I know she's from Jersey

These are the slavery chords I was taught by my grandmother
The things she whispered in my ear
She taught me melodies that were

 Watch: New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer

Written by: Randolph Shipon

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