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people see the errors of their ways
"Mr. Black screenwriter, that's a really good script
But this Martin Luther King fellow needs a side kick. I know...
When I grow up I want to be a screenwriter
I want to be a journalist
I want to be a lion
I want to be a lion
I am a lioness
I want to be
After the bad guy killed off all the under-developed characters,
The good guy put a bullet right through his head
The screenwriter stood up and told us
down from above,
The eyes of a nation in love
Are looking on all of their hopes
Held up.

And the words that some
Screenwriter counted and chose,
Your other suitors are no poets
They're only actors who can play guitar
Have I won your heart?
They're not students or screenwriters
They're only
miss you
I miss you
And in this dream you look busy
Tired and wired and full life
You're a screenwriter
You're beautiful
You're healthy and happy to see
rundown rundown

Tricky tonight gone be an all-nighter
We gone get these hoes like a firefighter
Think I might need a screen-writer
Tonight we making movies
There's a million people out there dressed like five or six
And they're getting anxious waiting for you to choose an in
Are the screenwriters who
Games are all we play 
And my Soul is Coughing - Screenwriters Blues

And you say
I'm in the way 
We're just trynna catch a break like cameras in jails
I'm a screenwriter
With no punchlines
My characters don't make it out alive

I'm cartoonist
With no satire
My characters just sit around and cry

industry fighter
Film producer, director, screenwriter, legendary rhymer
Congrats I bring you a classic for the fans that supported
I give you props if
Say um
A screenwriter ought
To take our dialogue
And make a movie script
Loosely based on us
If I say I love you
But, you're just having fun
Baby, if
the one about the screenwriter who passed away?
He was giving elevator pitches and the elevator got stuck halfway
He ended up eating smushed sandwiches

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