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Seems to wilt away
In continual frustration
Cause if you want to be serviced with a smile
You gotta reciprocate
More than every once in a while
I'm always servin' you. (Serve)
When you gon' serve me?
She tired of puttin' money in'nat plate
You can send a bunch of threats and we wont wave the white flag
Blur our story
Reciprocate your flesh and we might think to give yo life back
Ride the wave
You should ride the wave
Save the hate for another time another place
Spread some love each and everyday
What you give you reciprocate
like a flask
Want a swig? Pass, The cash!

Define, Hungry swine
Preying to dine, On mine
Returning numerous times
Reciprocate, Combine
To this delight
Bring me back the pain
Bring me back the late nights
Everything will change
Turn it into a paradise
Girl I want your love
Didn't reciprocate
Electric slide
Down the river Nile

I don't reciprocate bullshit (Nope!)
I elevate
We don't reciprocate bullshit (Nope!)
We elevate
Tell me that you want me
Tell me that you give as much as me, ohhh
I can't have you promise
Everything is honest, oh please

Reciprocate my love
is mutual
Before I go
And get way too involved
I want you bad
Can you reciprocate?
No, I don't want to have to leave
But half of you is not
Running me around
When I give, take
You don't reciprocate
Is it love, hate?
Tell me what it's gonna be

No one deserves
What you have put me through
Got my speaker louder
This one our car tune like I just cooked up chowder
If you feel my energy
Become a shouter
Reciprocate my energy I need it
spread em like my marmalade
I been waitin' for an answer but that shit decayed 

But that shit decayed put it on my future grave
She don't reciprocate
the right day
I don't know if she can reciprocate my 
In the same way

Can you just reciprocate 
Me and my feelings
I could fix your heart just like
and no go
You drop everything, give back
Reciprocate her love

Lift up your head
And remember what your life is
Don't have to give it all away
When you're
You got it bad bad yeah
Anything you want it's on the way
No not for games
I ain't here to play
Receive my loving girl you gotta reciprocate
I set 
Wrote my name down 
So I don't forget 

I can't reciprocate what I never learned 
And what I told myself I don't deserve 

You taught me silent
and caprice got relegated to a screen
Wait! (Wait!) What monster did we create?
Fate! (Fate!) Waiting to reciprocate!
Inoculation’s the latest fad
Haven’t you
And reciprocate emotions
And eliminate the notion
Of every single doubt
When you come around
And I show you grace
Ooh I show you grace

It's been half a week since
reciprocate it to my mom and father
I’m addicted to the color of green
Money, money, ain’t it lovely what them hunnids will do
Or green like envy that’s
You won't reciprocate, but that's okay
And I'll still be your friend, be there til' the end
Cause I love you
And the memories we made, Masquerade
you did to me, 
I'm gonna reciprocate. 


Your not big your not clever, 
No you ain't a big brother 
Not big what so ever. 

Your not
a little romance babe
So if you surprise me, I’ll keep you up late to show you how much I appreciate and I’ll reciprocate, with things I know you’ll like
the lines, for your omission was carefully contrived
No one speaks of slavery, transformed systematically, beneficial to reciprocate control
Now our
and expect you to change your mind
And one day just make it work
But we both know its insane cause imma always love you first
You can't reciprocate and I can't

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