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[Eminem] This muthafucka man...
[Berman] It's ridiculous! I can't believe it!! Hold on... Em...
[Eminem] What up?
[Berman] Have a seat?Dre, I'll
.....she's gonna turn you to stone
You'll be petrified to dust and bone
You'll be petrified nothing can help you now

Written by: B. Liebling & J. Hasselvander
York City's mixtape circuit. He's already in the studio working on his upcoming album with tracks produced by Dr. Dre, Shaw Money, and Eminem himself.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Ayo we got the number one requested song,
Of the day, coming up next
It's a local 313 talent
He goes by the name of Eminem
shall stand petrified by the fierce pest
Scream before the ones you never did rape!
Your tears make me laugh makes 
You yield your soul to the pest,
*Tuning Tv*
*Eminem Snortin' Coke

Tv Presenter:
Hello boys and girls
Today we're gonna talk about father and daughter relationships
Do you
In the chilly mist I stand petrified by her eyes dark but blazing eyes of
Endless night her velvet veil in silver grey shining through glistening
death moans 
See the smooth black nuggets by the thousands laying here 

Petrified but justified are these Apache tears 
Dead grass dry roots hunger
Entrapped by cold nowhere to go they wait below
Crypt of darkness silent abyss eternal unrest
Entombed in this place the light of day can't penetrate
believe it's true
That you're here by my side

And I'm hypnotized
Every time you walk by
And I can't get you
Out of my
telling me because I just don't ever
Want to know
No no no
No no no
No no no
No no no

I've been petrified
By the thought of losing you
May you find it by the end of the day
You won't be lost, hurt, tired and lonely
Something beautiful will come your way

The DJ said
of a home
There's a town they call Tombstone where the brave never cry
They live by a sixgun by a sixgun they die

It's been a long time now since
Take a seat, and catch your breath
You're only working towards your death
For as the days go by
They go by oh so slow
But your blonde hair
Take a seat, and catch your breath
You’re only working towards your death
For as the days go by
They go by oh so slow
But your blonde hair
head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride
to smile
Alarming we're awake and boiling in horror

Petrified pilots climb into their metal wombs
Black revolver valiums
Rather fly than see the derailing
the hand that feeds me
Feeding frenzy on prescription words
Swallowing the silence that returns
Falling in footsteps petrified by time
Under madness are
and victimized
We're terrified and petrified
Demoralized and mortified
Of genocide and suicide
And patricide and cyanide
We're pacified by every side
Nine footprints to evil
Hooves crack on petrified soil
Coming forth from the abyss
Lit by bonfires of sin

The quest for the grail of flies
You've got some balls (and you keep them well protected by your friends).
Soon come the day when you can hide no more.
There will be an end to all
Impossible tortured shapes
In uncanny theatric vigour
Haunt the petrified forest
Through which I trace the path
To the bitumen grounds
Where my
Ripped apart by the crows and the vultures
Ignore me in the parking lot
I'm petrified by conversation.

It's wicked where you tread
They shot
Cage for us...
Cage for us...
Cage for us...
Cage for us...

In a cage, 
waiting for you, 
waiting for you

In my
[Eminem does the voices of all characters in the song]
[G] eminem as Susan (the girl)
[D] eminem as Dave
[J] eminem as John
[R] eminem as Ron