Who I Am?

Rebel XD

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I think it happened during the mist of a winter
When it was inching near the end of December
And m&m had entered up into an event
And then he went to the center
To get the vending machines
Where he then he would be seen
Gettin' some mini m&m's and some mints
When he went and he spent 50 cent
That he sent and emptied
Up into the candy dispenser
Then minutes later after eating them, m&m
Had got indigestion then he went and set in
To the bathroom and snatched down his Sassons
To take a crap- BOOM! -gas fumes- then his ass soon
Had shitted out little Denace n Spencer
And so now then the suspense of
Having two clones was born
Yo I know that's corny, no, speaking of corn
Aye yo, fellas wait
Yo Em you three should go celebrate
And what better place to take you and ya rather fake
Clone babies to eat to dinner, then to either
A cheap place like either a Denny's or Spencer's
But nothing too exquisite
Cos if you keep feeding leaches that's eatin'
Then that could really begin to put a dent in expenses
Then again, Em, you'll be paying for this bill
Because we all can tell for them two that
Even something like paying for dinner's expensive
Cos they could never make the cut
And it's no wonder Eminem's
No longer made with nuts
Cos these two fake ass klutz and lames
Came and stuck they tongues and they lips
Up under his dick and his nuts
And they licked and they sucked
Then they straight ate him up
And since these copy cats
Like to go so hard with acting and stunting
I'm ma come and then
Drunkin' monkey, Kung Fu junkie
Chun Li jump these dummies
Humpty Dumpty - crack
And straight Humphrey Bogart
They ass, so fast
That I'm ma pass and gas them ass farts
And then Im ma start to smash parts
Of them lads harsh! when I'm mad watching them
That nothing will stop me from ass squashing them
Not even if they had the cash
And bought a vast squad of men
From Asgard to have as their ass - guardians
Hey! my name is
Well never mind that cos I'm not famous
But I'll still get you into this cos I'm that lyricist
Plus, I'm that Nigga with 3 records set
That's held up in the Guinness book
But people fail to mention this on the internet
But if I switch my voice like some little kids
On some silly shit "Slim" chances
You'll remember this
It's my m&m and denace and spencer diss
Yo when I rip spencer and get "denace the menace"
What this meant is I'll dent his head in
And set him up next to his dead friend, so yes man
I'm guessing that you can truly say
That I would have these two fools
Diminished in minutes
And with their rhyming there's no way
I could say I'm impressed
Even If I tried to make me say it
While I was playing like I was Simon says
Or even if I threatened to tell myself
To confess it or else, I was dead
But now I said that I'll instead
Get you two bird brains to can it
Like you were two cans of Campbell soup
Now dammit you can just shut up or get cut up
Okay now you clam chowder heads
And Marsha(ll), do you snort crack or what
Cos I can't even imagine m&m's without having nuts
Or chocolate, nah see what we got here is
Just a butt rapper who sucks crackers
And wish he had nuts
But if he did have some
Than I guess that would just make his his ass
A fuckin' act from "the Nut-Cracker"
And when it comes to rhyming
M&m is kind of like me, just backwards
And in fact if you spell the alphabets
That's up in his name like that (Backwards)
Then what you would have is like magic
Now you go ahead and have a crack at it
And after you've got it, and mapped it out
Yup, that's it, exactly
Man, that's just what his ass is
A meni me, and really see
The only way that any mini me can be pinned on me
Is when it be the complete opposite
Cos I can be Multiple Dimensional
So in my case it'll basically really mean
That there will always be so many mes
And not mini meaning teeny weeny or little
But many as in plenty, geez
Don't you get it, b
Get it? my energies will never allow my enemies
Or Eminem or any men or even ten MC's to get with me
And it'll be a cold day in hell
When I froze or my foes make me fail
Like that cold day before OJ
Had to go straight to jail
While you're thinking you're hot on my coat tail
You're not even close you're on a cold trail
It's like you're going on a snow trail
No, it's more like there's no trail
At all for you to follow I'll cut you off
And have you all abolished as I demolish you
Until all the molecules
In your body are exposed to my flows
That explodes with explosions that goes up
And arose from ya toes then it grows
All the way to ya nose and then blows up
Til its roasting up most of the spots
On ya noggin til it stops and pops
Follicles from off of the top of your knots
And it's got your block heads popping off
Hey! my name is
Well never mind that cos I'm not famous
But I'll still get you into this cos I'm that lyricist
Plus, I'm that Nigga with 3 records set
That's held up in the Guinness book
But people fail to mention this on the internet
But if I switch my voice like some little kids
On some silly shit "Slim" chances
You'll remember this
It's my m&m and denace n spencer diss
You boys are wild, see I mean, you boys are like wild, wild
I mean, completely wild and wildness wildy
Man, y'all just some 'ol automatic
Marshall Mathers, artist magnets
I'll snatch you bitch ass thoughtless faggots
Then have your garbage asses on my tracks
So I could blast you for target practice
And my aim will be nice
Cos I'm not an amateur
Or an amatuer but I am mature
And I can go far with my flows, like I am on tour
I work on myself like I am a chore
I get shit rippin' like I am a tore - shirt
And hurt you amateurs like I am a tor-ture
Chamber device
And if you bitters wanna hit the mic
Then I'd get a flight to your crib tonight
But first you kids just might want to get you
A shit load of Kryptonite before you pick a fight
With a Nigga who'll get you right
Into a hospital bed when I split your head
Until I see you up in the ICU and sitting up watching every
Episode- to every show - that they ever showed
On Nick at night
And denace -N- spencer would be like one less
Than a few older women, when I get them two
Men to pause and by "menopause"
I mean to stop! Cos these two suckas could be
Stuck together as a set of nuts forever
And they still wouldn't have any balls
And yo denace? I don't know if you know this
Or if you've noticed, but your nose is
Bogus, bro, and it's mostly looking like it's part gone
With that large bone growing up at the top part going
Down all low and it's only looking like the pole part
Loading port on a Javelin 370 cross bow
Also, y'all know, at the spot where it stops
At the bottom where he got them small
Two little dot holes? Yo, all I know
Is I do not know why his weird cock nose
Do not grow, any nostrils, like that's not gross
Man, this dumbo look like Gonzo
Hey! Yo what this bum know about real hip hop, son
Cos I can remember when denace called himself
Trying to diss "Marcus Jamal Hopson
But not since then, and now since
He not run or play possum
He better hope that Marcus doesn't also possibly
Becomes someone who hops in
And start stomping his dumb hob goblin looking ass
Because as he may notice from this flow that
He can not stop this, and also that
Trying to dodge this barrage of my bars
Is not an option
And I swear I'm done because this dummy
Must be suffering from some 'ol next level delirium
Cos I remember when
He was dissing Hopsin for rockin'
Them white contacts, but now this bum crack head
Got the same exact set and pair
And he's wearing them - is he serious
And from that what I just got is this bum crack head
Dumb wack just had to come jack Eminem
Then hit 'em up for his entire existence and then
Turned around and robbed Hopsin
But just for his contacts, now I'm beyond mad
So darn bad, that I'm ma come snap
And explode like Bomb Jack during combat
And come crack and break this con act
Like a contract right on contact
And I looked up guys up in the White Pages
Only to to realize and find out
That my rhyming experience is older than
Your whole entire real life age is
Oops, outrages
Why did I just say this and make this statement
Cos now Caucasians may try to claim
That I'm racist and I won't be able to erase this
Or either rake this away from the paper
Even if I tried to scrape the pages with the blades
Of a razor, hey! so what do you say
We just turn a blind eye to this, like Charles Ray's is
But one question I'd like to raise is
Can you feel how the rage is just racing from me
Well, let's just SAY it's a declaration
Of my anger, while I mangle
These two faggots until you rate this
Level of danger that I'm bringing at 'em - as rapist
And after I'm done attackin' I can
Go to the candy shack for a snack and grab a pack
Of m&m then after I'm rippin' 'em
Open- I go and throw the candy (W)rapper
Up into the trash can
And I know EM Stans can not stand me but
I do not give a damn because the only Stan me fucks wit
Can only really be "Stan Lee", plus
I can ante up all the Stans and such
And then lands they butts in a hole in the dirt
In the land so much that the whole damn panel
From the PGA would stand and just
Throw up they hands like "f*ck it"
Then stand before me and hand me
An honorary Stanley cup
Now in this minute it's meant for me
To blend up some m&m's and his friends
When I'm ending them so then I'm getting Kim
Then I'm getting denace then I'm getting spencer
And I'm ma mix 'em into Eminem
So in the end, it'll just end up
Being mimi m&m and KIM and him and them
And it's my sentiments that I send them in
To be synonyms for some Slim 'ol
Imitating little midget bitch ass
Menacing women men
And they can't beat this with they cheap tricks
Cos to me it's weak shit to be defeated
By some freak mix of Shady friends
Who may try to make this beef stick
But any chance that my foot wont' snap off
Into their greasy ass, the chance that not happening
Will always end up just being as Slim as Jim
And Eminem you say you be the G.O.A.T
Oh oh no wait, you must mean the billy goat
Or either that goat for THE occult, oh you silly goat
Dude, I'll lyrically skin you alive and turn you into a winter coat
Then I'd really wear you out, because I'm really cold
And I would still reload
And produce super joints just to prove a point
Now roger that, okay now you Roger rabbits
While you try to dodge my raps
And super charged attacks
Like little ratchet rabbit rappers
Now feel the wrath and rapture of a ravishing
Rabid rapping raptor
That's wilder than Ragnarok
Now just how rad I rock? I rock like Iraq
When I rack him up, and I grab "EM"
And I wrap 'em up in a pack of stans
Old rags and socks - and through my Magnavox
My tracks and raps I got will smash ya spot
And blast ya blocks to ash, my god
I'm snapping hot like Panzer Dragon
When I come with plans for draggin'
Em&m and denace and spencer behind me
Along on the floor cos they remind me
Of a mamby pamby or a man in panties
When a pansy's pants are saggin'
When they got they ass out, and the whole god damn
Bottom half of their -pants are dragging
Along on the concrete and cement
While I get fresher than some mints
Cos me being this super dope MC meant
That it was time that I killed these lily lovin' lacking
Nit wits with lyrics while I spit this
With the quickness to get ill
Straight on some mental shit
But for these three, this is more like a mentor-ship
While I teach these children a lesson
So then I'll flip, the letters around
In the word mentor-ship
So that you suckas can get
This message once I flex this word and convert it
Into some other slick shit
That'll make you wanna cry like babies
Straight to the nipples of your mother-n-sip
Milk from her breast while you tilt with your heads
Resting in her chest and yes, man
I'll have you step children feeling like your living
In the present and past tense at the same time
And a lot less than adolescence
But now I'm just rather guessing that at least
You three should feel pleased and glad
That you had these added lessons
Especially denace and Spencer
Cos I'd bag these peasants
In just one, not many tries while I minimize
These teeny weeny guys into mini m&m's
That's mini sized
Cos ain't shit intimidating about your sound
You're just two imitating little clowns
A nuisance times two
That's not even worth two cents combined so in my mind
IT means that neither one of freakish clowns
Ain't even a "Penny Wise"
And as far clowning goes? I may joke around a lot
But I never just always play the role of a Joker - no sir
In fact I actually act a whole lot more like a
Walking phoenix - on my feet that's sparking heat as
A talking genius that's not from "Arkham"
But if they are coming for me
To partake in this com-Bat Man
To start fights then on any dark night
Then I got them! and I'm robbin'
Them of their lives and just like the "Bats" I will
Actually tactically attack 'em
And after I crack 'em upside that naps
And knock -off they heads with my bat mo bills
Will accumulate from all the hospital cost
And all of the often trips and visits
To the doctor's office
And since I'm -talking - yes
I will make y'all instead
Think m&m and denace and spencer
Must each be off his meds
If either three of these MC's
Think they can beef with me
When I can beat them easily and when people see
Well, at least that's what will be often said
Now as far as the two copy cats, I'll in fact
Turn them into anti stars, the filthy fakes
With they bitch ass, while they names should be
Kit Kat and little Debbie's Cakes
While they take a Crunch-n-Munch on m&m's
Tic Tac and Mounds I bet it would be more
Like an all men joy for them
When these two her-shes are kissing
All over Marsha Mathers
Marsh her mellow
Until these little nerds get Ocean Sprayed
In they open face with a Milky Way
From his Twix and that shit's just really gay
But for these two Billy Rays
I guess it's more like it's just really Pay Day
AND a Star Crunch and I know for sure
That I can score a large bunch of doe
At least 100 GRAND if I was to set a bag of chocolate chips
To bet on even my candy bars to win
And awe man, as I choose this last candy bar
I can actually beat all men
Because with it I can use it to easily take
Care of males (Caramel) from every Galaxy
And it's not just the men but the women will also sense
That I'm winning from beginning to end
And then when I'm finished, you better believe
That in the end each and every guy and gal'll see
That I'm way too much for some Eminem clones
When I can just send him and him home
Then gone upside the real Eminem's dome
With raps that'll slap and clap his cap back
Til it crack that crappy candy capsule of a cast
Until it collapse then after that perhaps his ass
Can snap and shatter and then subtract
Into a half of pack of Cracker Jacks
Now half the wacks that bite him
Can snatch to have half a snack
But then after that
I'm ma melt him like Parmesan when I come upon
Him with that heat like I'm droppin' bombs and steady
Like I got a palm full of napalm
And Eminem, for you to get a win against me
Your chances would be dim and Slim
You puss and then I'm ma push to pulverize
You into pus and plus
Each time that my palm is ready
I'll come through to punch you with a stupid punch
Line so fast you'll feel like I had gave you a super punch
To the stomach so quick it'll make you become sick
Until you vomit and then when you up chuck
It'll look like you had threw up some old chewed up
Food and plus you just had you a bunch
Of oodles of noodles with scroodles
And some stew for lunch
Oh wait, no hey
That's just your -mom's spaghetti
Think I see corn, meatballs and mozzarella
Hey! my name is - Rebel XD and I say this
I've always been a lyricist, since '87 and shit
That's 5 whole years before my first record
Was set in the Guinness book
But people try to discredit me all over the internet
So I thought I'd step in to interject
To take and get respect
Cos even though I'm not famous
Today is the day that you gone remember
Exactly what my name is
Now what's my name?...

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Written by: Seandale Price

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