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'll get drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love

All by myself
I'm here again
All by myself
You know I'll never change
the sound that my hands make.

Should I, should I?
Maybe I'll get drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love.

All by
the sound that my hands make.

Should I, should I?
Maybe I'll get drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love.

All by
I ain’t never been a champagne drinking man
And I ain’t never been a Coldplay music fan
I ain’t never gonna fit into skinny jeans
And Coachella
Was just a preview
This is the love scene part to
The sequel gets ready
Ooo baby O baby baby
Let?s make a DVD
Watch it over and over and over and over
scratches on my back
Getting followed constantly
By evil ghosts we cannot see
Knowing there are entities
Captured on our dvd's 
Different types of EVP's
the tide was rollin' in
I was drownin' in a sea of romance
Then she popped the question in the back seat of my car
"If I let you love me would you let me
I'm sitting around at the checkpoint
Keeping myself to myself
My heart's going out to the girl with the gun
She is young, she is fun, she is
Mama had such high hopes for me
Love I don't know where'd those hopes go
Mama's gonna buy me a DVD
When the saints march into the W Hotel 
So hail a taxi cab and come around here
And I will meet you right outside.
I got some DVD's and a couple of beers,
If you want to,

We can stay
wasn't focused on the cue.

I grew up with David Lee and Tiffany,
In love with Billy Jean
And I was terrified of Freddy.

I grew up, no DVD
we both got
Better things to do
I'll hold your hand
Or shall we dance together
It's so hard to choose

Every time we hear
The whole world rushing by
the sun is down
Pour another glass and keep on fuckin' me around
Woken by the window 
and I'm reminded that My thoughts under my pillow 
and kissed
But things like these don't happen to dudes like me
Because I'm more Coldplay than I am Ice-T
They say that good girls love bad guys and that might
Wrong side of town on the second floor
Couple blocks down from the liquor store
I got a love seat and a couple DVD's we can watch
Or not
I can
America, who's gonna save us, who's gonna save us now?

You and I; DVDs, SUVs and cyberspace
Flying blind, virtual reality is in our face
This Earth
give up
One of these nights you might find someone to love

And you?re not the only one who?s lonely

Seth Shapiro is trying in vain
To hail a taxi in
Standin' there like a mime and let the chance pass by
Back of my mind, he could change your life

With all these beats I did, at least let him hear
Pillow fight
Video camera

Now we hooked up once
We've hooked up thrice
You've slept left side
And I've slept right
And we meet by
still outperforming almost every other record released this year. One shady fellow not included on the dvd but who we're sure to see a lot of this year,
a van
Driven by an elder gentlemen who cuts right in front of me 
From now on that's all I see


Its a nine hour drive from me
Which had this brother smiling
Little did I know that I’d be on this, my contestifying

I love sunsets but she likes sunrise
I’m always running late
on stage like a DVD
Put me in the MOMA when it's over with
I used to look up to the sky, now I'm over shit

Remember that I still got you
I still got
that ooh ahh sound
I'ma push up on ya slow
Get ya right by the end of the night
Do something sweet 
Like massage ya feet
And put Pretty Ricky cd
love (in the meantime)

I like that you listen and grab my attention
With lips made for kissing I aim right for them
Maybe you're land and I’m out to sea