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of the crime
But the dead can't speak and there's nothing left to say anyway
All you left behind is a chalk outline

I've been cold in the crypt
But not
rainbow in the eyes of sorrow
I've read the script, rehearsed the dream
Faking death at the battle scene, yeah

I want to change it, I want to change it
they've rehearsed

It's a waste of time
I'd put it behind me once and for all
And let the hype decline
If the problem wasn't mine

Go by, go by
The Overcoat again
And I feel just like a clerk
Maybe better but more likely it's worse
Nothing seems to work.

Semi's from the mill
Are rolling by with
want to see
But you're nothing like you've seen
Hide behind your half smile
But the truth is so undeniable

Should, should, shouldn't need anyone
wipe that â??who me?â?? look off of your face and concede our designs separated by nothing more than place and time. Different scenes, same crimes. Pray,
Leaded by this old and tired heart
Dividing my pain, from the
Hopes of soul

And now unscreamed voice
Behind the walls of silence
Decay to my surrender
won't see him at parties
He's not the Face behind the scene.

He Makes Nothing
He's the Nothing Maker
He's the Maker of Nothing
By our Kings and Queens 
Brainwashed in the open and brainwashed behind the scenes 

God God God 
A voice cries in the wilderness 
God God
an amoeba's grandson in a pair of blue jeans
If the world is a stage I must have got lost between scenes
I read the script but I've forgotten what it means
So I
Presidential elections are planned distractions
To divert attention from the action behind the scenes
like a game of chess when the house is a mess
play by play as you put on a show

Your making your stand for nothing at all
Delighted with problems, a chance for a fall
Causing a scene
On the very last day

A unicorn headed the mystical way
Surrounded by what seemed a thousand golden angels at play
Behind were Centaurs, elves, bright
passing me
Nothing's gonna touch me and I'll fly
I wish I could crash and burn

On my Philco
I hear an echo
There was a wreck-o yesterday
And by
One person talks a lot of shit and everyone listens
another speaks the truth and no one cares
the scene is nothing but blank stares
no one has
California scenes where bad guys meet their destiny
And the good guy gets the girl by the sunny sea
ain't nobody showin no love
Hoes lookin for a he'll hold to clapped, 'cause bitch you already some
If you lookin for a shell to hide behind that mean you
back on you some day

Now several years pass
I thought nothing more
It was down to a nine to five grind
I was shuffling round to my old friend's house
And all that we are, is a conscience behind a cause
Like gears and cogs
And nothing is real, at least not the way I feel
A mile-less wheel
behind my face
Trying to complicate the scene that surrounds me
Slapped in the face, a bitter taste
Lingers to penetrate, confuse and astound me

in those blurry vision scenes,
That appear but pass us by and for a moment get you high,
'til you find your way back down
Become the truth you've
At age 13 turned fiend, dreamed nights M.C'ing
Reciting rapper's delight enticed by limelight
Ambitious visions of vinyl 12 inches
Since Yellowman
a missing scene
You'd like you believe
I'm nothing special

But if I could take you home
If I could take you home
If I could take you home
I'll be all
I almost can't stand to watch, as we are made to suffer
In a scene run by fashion, and what label you are on
Wake up, look around, at what your
What we leave, what we take with us
No matter what, it's somethin' we're a part of
We learn to fly
Together side-by-side
I just hope the rest of my

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