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Can i take you to space?
This is assissan louis
So, you better lookup
1, 2, 3 Take a lookup i got them bitches on my hands like i'm lukka
Spent 25 lotta ops on me don't want me alive
See lights behind but I keep my whip in drive
Moving too fast lookup
400 on the dash
Bet on me
I'm in
as the shining moon
I'll lookup and pray that they'll go home soon
Take me now, so I don't have time to think
Or just give me one last drink
Of you
Now that your
a little knife
Look-up pal 'n take my hand
Let's draw our line across the land
It is our will, it is our right
Or let's have an end like dynamite
I'm gonna tear your bloody heart
Stop calling me baby
Calling me baby
You gotta lookup for another one
Stop Calling me baby
Calling me baby
is at hand
A voice in the wilderness is crying out to me

Lookup my friend
Your salvation is at hand

This to will pass away
No more
to look-up please.
What can you see? Love?
There is nothing.
But we are going to round about.

にらみつける太陽 SUN
Cloud house
Reach high
Reach high
Cloud house
Reach high
Cloud house
Uh reach
Cloud house reaching so high
Lookup in the sky and I fly
Way up like a private jet high up in the sky
I'm a star lookup now look at me shine
I'm from the ghetto, just another diamond in the rough
Whole new
love dey street my brain
Me self I be somebody pikin
Somebody lover
Somebody brother
Somebody Wey somebody Dey lookup too
Me I be somebody pikin
shit to get fly
Keep a gun in the car if he lookup the plate all he seeing is straight Enterprise
I know I'm a star I don't even lookup cause it probably
down and lookup, lookup and trust
That there is, something out there that is greater than us

Well don't give in, give in to fear
That you're missin' all
On the water
As the light is
It is I
Don't be afraid
It is I
I'm here to save
In the darkness
Through the storm
I'll walk on water
a dance eheeh
Everybody wanna rock n
D way you getting down to d floor
Girl me a no dey one side
A wouldnt spare you one byte
A lookup on your face
pops up
Says 'hello' but doesn't have a close-up
Ah yeah
Should I keep my hopes up?
Is this random message even worth a look-up?
Stop making me feel
Rocks blows if you really wanna {"buy buy"}


Give me a look-up, I got the good hook up on cook up
If you low I'll front you to try
of me
And then he cut me off from my online community
And I hate it, I hate, I hate it 
And I hate my frickin' ISP
His domain name look-up takes
And then he cut me off from my online community
And now I hate, I hate it, I hate, I hate, I hate, I hate

I hate my frickin I.S.P., his domain name lookup
I am Carolina (you know)
North and South (you know)
It give my folks a since of it can happen for you
To lookup and see my ridin around somewhere
I am Carolina (you know)
North and South (you know)
It give my folks a since of it can happen for you
To lookup and see my ridin around somewhere
He's my lord and savior

Not much to hide
Not much for life
Not it all
Falling internally
No looking back 
Only forward
Don't rely on it
It was
your every step and judgments

Not today 
Not today
This is a battle
This is a war
Stand up
Don`t miss a chance
Let's GO!

I'm gathering my self
Its that lookup in yo eyes, that's why I can't let you go
Only way that I'll escape it is if I hit the road
I can't feel my soul
Burn it down call
is it we fight for when none of us can lookup
Hey is this thing even on 
Well don't answer all at once

Many will call out, we are the true message

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