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is just rookie year (Mike Jones)
Is a baller baby, shot caller baby
In the Lex having sex, twenties crawling baby
I stay balling, T.V.'s stay
the partition of God's religion
Become united by our bars and our common visions,
The "C" of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold?
and toolies
Mike Jackson, kick me, kike me, Jew me
Now all the white chicks in the world got booties
He rap by popular demand
And a nigga nosey on some Toucan
down, shut why'all down
All my thugs and my g's who paid they dues
This year we gon shine
And everybody that's on the grind
Keep money on your mind,
on a one way plane
Laying my head down on each night
The same devil's calling and that same old fight
'Cause this one's for middle sons living in
and the homies smoking roaches, cause we broke
Late night hanging out til the sunrise getting high
Watching the cops roll by
It ain't easy, that's right

living play-by-play, day-by-day
No time for her honestly
Unless her face lookin' like a young Sade
'Cause I gotta get it a hundred ways
What you know
Frank Zappa (lead guitar, synthesizer, vocals)
Ike Willis (rhythm guitar, synthesizer, vocals)
Mike Keneally (rhythm guitar, synthesizer, vocals)
I'm taking you places you only see on T.V., 
Trying to show ya that living is trife,
How many guys you know that can bring the travel channel to life,
It was Mike to those that knows
Matter of fact, Icy Mike 'cause he was cold on them hoes

We was east coast niggas headin' west
I was rollin'
hear from
It's the funky man, the brother with the same sound
I've been coolin about a year and some change now
So hand over the microphone cause it's my
Dappy turn my mike up

Today is the day that I'm gonna tell
Just a little 'bout myself
All of these haters they don't understand me
They can't touch
you locked in the box keep making it through
Do your time (do your time) don't let your time do you
To my brother Mikey Mike, stay up homie
To my
partna Mike like
Won't get to see my girl grow, and see what a wife's like
But my life's alright, no I ain't finished yet
I just got started, I ain't
me dead they think I'm the nigga
that put they partner 6 feet under and left his son with no father figure
I live day by day not giving a fuck and when
It seems like lately time be beatin' my ass,
Every step is like a right hook from Iron Mike Tyson in his prime,
It's like my mind is on a tredmill,
in the year seven-ten
By nineteensixty-nine I had written more

If you're feeling insecure,
Cause you're living in a storm
If you find them, you can
the party and off to Finesse house
I got this far, so I know I'm gonna hit it soon
When you come to my house, leave your panties in the living room
Go with
don't know, I'm on the down low
Some get mad cause they can't understand
That I'm 23 years old, I'm in command
I'm down with DITC, that's "Diggin' in
a blood-stained crown. 
Utter chaos supreme. 
The sand absords the colour of dawn. 
Nevermore shall they dream, nevermore.] 
The years went by under a blood-red
You can reach into your pocket
While I reach into my mind
Clarity is so divine
We just single the design
The physical we inherit
By visions on TV
rocked the mike for Howard Cosell
To show America how I rocked so well

And while I rocked the mike, this is what I said
About Dracula, the living dead
don't know, I'm on the down low
Some get mad cause they can't understand
That I'm 23 years old, I'm in command
I'm down with DITC, that's "Diggin' in
grab your nuts, duke
Cause that's the only way these niggas living in the 9-deuce
More murder by killing and slaying some shit
You fake on the two,
Under Thatcher's unfeeling guidance the scenario is one year early.
With the cold mechanism of the pin ball arcade
We're flicked around as numbers by

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