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[Intro: Nas]
Yo, I want the Langston Hughes and Alex Haley
Got blazed before they told stories
I'ma get blazed before I tell y'all stories
I saw
the percussion
When Flo from the Surpremes died, Diana Ross cried
Many people said that she was laughin' inside

As the blunt ash falls into the ash tray
(oh-oh oh-oh)
When you've seen that Hummer but that was last summer
This year I'm more blunter, more up close and personal
It's just gon' get worse now
one you loved
You didn't come home the other night you said you had to work late
I came by your office with some cookies I baked
I walked in and I saw
so I can snatch up my label mate
Loungin' on the avenue, guess what I saw?
TMD was shootin' dice and he was breakin' a broad
Cause he's a hustler,

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