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The wheel of fortune
Goes spinning around
Will the arrow point my way?
Will this be my day?

Oh, wheel of fortune
Words and music by John Kay, Michael Wilk and Rocket Ritchotte

A ring on every finger, a girl on every arm
He drove his brand new Jaguar while
and celebrate the day

When Iâ??m making my way through an open door
Iâ??ve got some love and so much more
And Iâ??m ready to make someone mine
Making my way
with this?-- 
--Gang Starr-- 
--I'm one of the best yet-- 
--I'm nice like that-- 
"It's all good" ---> Noreaga 
--In this business of rep--
night and day
It´s better to ride than to let your house just fade away
There´s no time to help them
For I´m coming to end of my days

I am falling,
But it feels good!

There is no time to run when it´s all over
freestyle much so
I write em like such
Amongst the fiends
Controlled by the screens
What does it all mean
All this shit Iâ??m seein
Human beings scream
Words and music by John Kay and Michael Palmer

Tell me what you've got to give me
Tell me what you've got that's free
All I want is all you got,
that isn't pitty in your eyes
I tried so hard to stay away
And keep you of my mind
I know I should, but it´s no good
'Cause time goes by and I'm not
music, this is gun clap music
Load it up, cock it back and blast to it

[Fredro Starr]
Yo, who shot ya?  It's too late to try to operate
Hard escape
What should it be?
Kay, I got it
I don't remember too clear i was smelling of beer and Obsession CK
Okay Lets go

Okay this is it
time to raise the stakes again 
Fatten my plate again  y'all cats know we always play to win 
G A N G  to the Starr's  son 
Haters  took this shit too
Your name was Patty
but now it's Kay
you seem to change it every day.
Your hair was long
but now it's short
You say: I got it cut
but I
another day
I'll stay here in my precious cage
And lose it while I can
Cut it off by minute roots
And stick it in the ground
And bury you, it's-a all I
Words and music by John Kay, Rocket Ritchotte and Michael Wilk

Up early in the morning, 'bout the break of day
Still huggin' that empty pillow
alive, I am what I am and I'm 
Damn good to be a no good, hooded by 
The wiggle in the middle, simple to party thumps 
They call me the wickedest man
grabbed Stace' by the legs as chopped it off her
And dropped her off in the lake for the cops to find her

But ever since the day Stacey went off
that off
Lookin' like a million dollar outfit
Nah, n****, that's me, it don't matter what it cost
Make it look good, had it on 'fore you seen it in
Words and music by John Kay
Good evening one and all, this is channel 24
Bringing you the latest news around the world
Down in Florida today,
system don't give a fuck about you
Everybody gonna die, gonna go one day, maybe it'll happen on a Monday
Drop into work and get hit by a Hyundai, fuck
makin plays on a good day and only parlayin on a bad day
My Red Bottoms say CL, Benz coupe say CL
Sharp than they two hill[?], oops, now we three
Tea time

In our little house there's always room
for all the friends that help us through
these struggling days.

And we never want for
stayed on the raps 'til we made it on the map
By then, No I was my main guy
He and I was like Chi-town's Gang Starr
We had came far together, with a long
talking and you’ll become another one murdered by X

Chorus: 2x) You say im young blood/ but i kill just as good as you/ you say im young blood/ but i
Words and music by John Kay

Good evening one and all, this is channel 24
Bringing you the latest news around the world
Down in Florida today,

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