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to appear
Innate affliction
Sitting in my room
Haunted with lament
Isolation become my relief
Unclear to others
Burning inside
From within I am crucified
Foster your philosophy
Do physical elements
Dampen innate sentiment
It's innate, it's not going away
I hope you're not going away

It's a question of convenience
How pain, with time, will fade
As innate as memory
As anxieting deja-vu

The unconscious awareness
Of the error we are
The unconscious awareness
Of the exception we are: in
Untried and untested
One fits nowhere but here in anonymity
There is no birthright, no innate guidance
No direction or destination is handed down
To obliterate all human life
The need to cause suffering
Our innate base instinct pulls us back
To primitive ways
The undertow pulls me down
All having the urge
Flesh too weak to resist
Temptations, engraving 
Scarves for life

Enforced by, by innate lust
Once scarred, forever lost
tell me now what are 

you scheming. I'm placeable to the place where you most fear. Untraceable so 

help me dear. I'm placeable innate yet surely
Innate seed
To watch you bleed
A demanding physical need
Desecrated eviscerated
Times prostrated
I am the Baker
I bake the cake
Make no mistake, I like to bake
Once I discover
My innate behavior
To mix, to make, to bake!

Up in the morning
And tyrants

'Cause God do we have to be
Perversions of our innate pride and arrogance

Have to learn
Have to learn
Have to learn
We have to swallow

Go humans
of torment

I will not be saved

[Solo - O'Brien]

When I die
They beg me to repent
I refuse

I return
The past forgotten but evil innate
They have
And sink with me

Last night I had the misfortune to see it all first hand
"Evacuate the premises", was the innate first command
What drives the need for all
most fear
Untraceable, so help me dear

I'm placeable innate yet surely substantial
To repay you fade away
Sweetness smells so sweet I your feet
Pale riders into the night
Galloping harder and faster
Through your dreaming wake

Walk towards the fire innate
Frostbitten soul below
Give me just a second to grasp your two-bit theories as that's more than enough time I need to see through their innate queries you're telling me
of the innate sky, the distance in between

If I were a bull, you'd be my china shop
And I break everything everything everything
If I were a bull, you'd be
Innate beauty
Almost one of them

Like a scab it will fall off but leaves it's mark
I was made of broken parts
Sewn together with a broken
To step right up to the plate 
A feeling previously innate 
Now leaves me feeling less than great 

When they ask you if you miss her 
Discarded a broken escape
Fortunate to be in this state
Firing on a boredom innate
Chewing on a ticking grenade
Listening to the comforting shade


Mankind innate as one
Embracing the heart within himself
Machine of war dwells beneath the flesh
Enraged possessed by
assume that she'll be late
She always has the best intentions
Her goodness is innate

And in spite of what is right
Far beyond what she'd expect
The nature of their heresy
Has proven quite innate

Pain, mankind will know pain
For their crimes on our kind
They'll never be the same
Death, they will
is born
Evil is not innate, no child knows color
Teaching their children to lie, prejudge and be close-minded
Sometimes what we don't teach our

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