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the eraser 
I don't discriminate I flip a bitch too 
She got to be eliminated I kill a bitch too 
She her hair fixed by my sister she lost she gonna get her
And the spots is getting blown
Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD
Nah, we ain't none of them, B
Give me, so give me
Nore, Phife Dawg and Abstract
Give me,
stash, gold, checks, sports illustrated 
I'm motivated by the fact that I'm being hated
Now my pockets swell, game straight outta ATL
G-land, Boyz II
there and get my cry on
She playin hard to get, but when I get that
I'ma take it to the S's son I hit that
I can see it in the eyes, cause they don't
Strikin' the belly of the seed to make it vomit
Things of beings is unseen by men
in shapes and form, never been dreamed by men
The word of God, always
it to give

Yo, posted up in cul-de-sacs, with plastic gats and fifty packs
Niggaz they pull drastic acts, twenty stacks will get ya whacked
I touch ya
it to give

Yo, posted up in cul-de-sacs, with plastic gats and fifty packs
Niggaz they pull drastic acts, twenty stacks will get ya whacked
I touch ya
had me listenin' to Boyz II Men
I'm tryna be at all the dope boy events
Food stamps, now we dinin' on islands
Diced pineapples, now she's my piña
I could build a spaceship for you
But it wouldn’t get us anywhere tonight
And you can start a revolution
But we both know it will never end
Women weep and children mourn
Sorry the day that men was born
Sinful people one by one
Sorry the day my wrath begun
Sorry the day my wrath begun
drugs will make you do terrible things
He told me when he get out he's murdering by any means
The day came I saw him on the train
He pulled his gun
to Boot Hill

Walk up to the fence there and look at the view
That's where they were hanging eighteen eighty two
It's easy to see where the brave men
of words and layin em down was just a habit
Just like smokey, choking off da pee-wee that we rolled up
Talkin about the click will get you laid down hella
Always felt sorry for that nigga
Now I know his plight
Something foul must be up in the air
This ain't right
This can't be right
There's only
the industry
You gets no love, except those who support me
What's the story, what happened when I went to L.A.?
Mixin shit up, no not there I got family
marbles nigga 

But I got two sides 

Damn it feels good to be back in the Yea Area  I mean the Westside 

With these motherfuckin West Coast Bad Boyz
the two of us
Just you and I!

See honey, there's a place called heaven and a place called hell
A place called prison and a place called jail
niggas get tribal
It's all about survival, nobody liable
I got caught by Five-0
Grandmama came to court with her bible
But when the judge hit the gavel
me sick
And I can’t get out

Out the window there’s a view
Grassy hills and flowers too
Lovers of the chosen few
So maybe me and you

An old
shit, there's no gimmiks, 

Suave House, an the 504 Boyz courtesy of No Limit, hit em up. 

Verse 2-(Buk) 

Get down, feel the ground, shake 'em up
Then the arsenal exploded
And lit up the night
The night, the night, the night

I am a Colonel in the Fourteenth Tennessee I am a carpenter by trade
Havin moneys like a relationship
Kno wat I'm sayin
Everybody always gon get in ya business
Try to break it up
Try and get involved in it
microphone on
then blow on to make sure, the sound is strong!
So y'all get up, keep your head up, and then gear up
Heav' is in the funk, the Boyz in
I'm nailin
All your frail men on a scale
Your deep space maybe's
Inject your offsprings wit the rabies
It's gravy train on the remy, dirty glass
to the coast, go there for our holidays! Nothing can stop men like us! I've made a start already. Come on down here and have a look.

In the cellar there was

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