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supposed to tell
That all along you loved another guy?

They should have given you the Oscar
For the scene where you promised to be true
Every word was
go put her inna coma 
Go whey a street 
An she tell all fi Lena 
An see Lena 
Go right a di cleaner 
She waan di doctor 
Fi make she waan gleam
And I'm not no dancer, my moms got cancer 
So I ain't celebrating shit, until these doctors get the answer
Prolly never get a Grammy never get an Oscar
Martin Luther B.B. King
You had a dream and you make us swing
Doctor Winston J.F.K.
You had a dream but they blew you away 

Americana panorama
Brand new way, brand new day
I can feel it growing stronger every minute now

Twenty million shadows storming at the gates
Now how can you be surprised?
I must raise money.
I found a way.
Read my brochure folks,
Learn how to be poor folks.
I'm giving lessons.

Our brand new puppy,
His name is
a chalice
I'm demanding the truth, put your hands to the roof
Be a man, that's a challenge

(Challenge, are you up for that challenge)
A brand new
Iraq gets more irate,
We really know nothing about them
And no one cares.
Aladdin and the forty thieves
Enhanced by brand new special effects.
this morning by the hardware store
Bought a brand new string for my yo-yo
Walked down the doctors' get the string put on
He made a mistake, put
Talking how sad it is, and how expensive I will be 

I sleep so sound, so still tonight 
Hold me down before I hurt myself 
Let me go for a casual
of female muppet in a doctor's uniform) 
The doctor makes you well real quick 
If by chance you're feeling sick 
She works and works the whole day long
brand new

Ooh the doctor said it's true
Oooh now get better soon

Ooh get better soon
Ooh get better soon
The doctor said today it can all go away
All I'm trying to tell them is
They can be better then they can be better men
Lawyers doctors high school letter men
Why are you settling for
at the gates
How can we be surprised
With the image of their fallen kings
Reflected in their eyes

And the twenty million tongues are shoutin’ now
It's only
Underneath the white light
Doctor arrives with knife and baggage
Sees the growth as just so much cabbage
That now
Must be cut away
Now come the moment
Open your eyes, don't be afraid to learn how to live. 
This is your gift. This brand new day. This is your gift.

When it's hard to say a prayer, when
There is a woman in Somalia
Scraping for pearls by the roadside
There is a force stronger than nature
Keeps her will alive

That is how she
I know just what to be?
Please stop and give advice to me.

Tell me,
Tell me,
How many people do I help,
Just by sitting on the shelf,
Tell me,
playing you my ?Best of? how I feel
From real to reel

I?ll roll through Hollywood with a chariot
And gold rimmed shades
I can't imagine the look on Oscar's
Ladies and gentlemen (heyyyy! hoooo!)
Slaughterhouse (heyyyy!)

Slaughterhouse in the place to be, see
And we got what it takes
I'd feel without you
We watched it unravel we heard it unwind imprisoned by anger embittered by time
No one could tell me we'd be standing here today
before they open doors
I pray for Mecca, flood my neck up
I hit her raw, let her go see the doctors, that's how I get my checkup
Tables turnin', pots
like my trailin' hound I was gonna be a daddy after all

Now the waitin'
I'm gonna be a daddy now!

Well the weeks went by
a piece of this gangsta, lean, straight from Queens 
Strong as liquor, to be seen in a limousine 
Now you're gettin' done without Vaseline 
Wouldn't bite
to get the gong, bleach your ass blonde and
Black your color, back to bronze, on Happy Days, I be the coolest
Nigga, like The Fonz, so spectacular, how I