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Household Names  


Can't go to my house 'cause I wanna be a household name
Only relax when I'm back on a plane
Stewardess is like a new mom
Daddy like the pilot I
as white
Being told what you can or can't be
This kid went through everything
He went through
He saw narcotics in the household
Violence, murderers,
My love for you is worth it's weight in gold
A player on a team has to play their role
Everything I do is all for you
Baby I'm the head of this
house the frogs
The conduit is the hollow log

Broken household appliance national forest
Air conditioners in the woods
Broken household appliance
And we, go roller skate
But every thing has changed, wait

Seems to be to me
Something wrong with this household
Seems to be to me
You're always
live with ya mama, in her household
I'm ballin' out though, and I got dough
And I got hoes, and I got clothes
Bitch I got weed, and I got jewels
And I
in me
No one grows old in this household
We are a dying breed
I take a red and blue one
From my Mama's purse
I wash 'em down with homemade wine
new pants.
A waste of money!
Household Finance took my pants.

The female gender,
I just don't get it.
Just when I'm out
Of both cash and credit
can make you famous'
All he would say 
All he would say 
'Just like a household name' is 
All he would say 

Methinks world is for you 
As the likeness of a poetic fact
Of a household used to this deceit of vespers gold

On the ornamented throne, the previous fell
Engulfed by the perfume
a household name
There ain't nobody that a man can trust
When all his headlines read 'Notorious'
There ain't nobody that a man can trust
When all his
Sunday, mom was cleaning up Jack's room,
I could call it the beginning of this household's doom.
After knowing her son for eighteen years, 
to operate than
A household appliance"
Hi! I'm Candy Jo, and I'm shooting the Ingram M-10, or the Mac-10!
This gun is one of the most well-known
Christ, and you will be saved.
Acts 16, verse 31, you and your household will be saved. 
Acts 16, verse 31, you and your household will be saved.
only need if you're spastic and dim 

Supersonic hydromatic, super-ultra-mega-new 
Household furniture, like magic, 
The neighbour's wife has got
your window
I wonder what would you say

I'm coming up
I'm coming up

Take my pulse and take my picture
I want to be a household fixture
Build me
Michael j. fox was a household name
In 1985
And what about young Mallory
And all of the family ties? 
I hear they all robbed liquor stores
telling mother all those lies
She says she hates this place, she's gonna leave
And other things that you do not believe
And the household's so preserved
fingerprints on household things
I'm too sad to touch
I feel your skin on human beings
I'm too sad to fuck

If I could write you back here
It would be my
Sunday, and mum was cleaning up jack's room
I could call it, the beginning of this household's doom
After knowing her son for 18 years, she did not
the extra money, extra money

In the city, the town, and the household
So many things go unreported
So many things her eyes have seen, eyes have seen,
You can't stop a train
Who want some? Don't come un-pre-pared
I'll be there, but when I leave there
Better be a household name
Weather man
was an itty bitty kitty
Drinkin' liquor out my momma's titty
And smokin' weed was an everyday thing in my household,
And drinking liquor til' you out
and young ballers
Shoot up the household, even the young toddlers
Brigade barricade to bring the noise
While the bullets break your bones up like Christmas

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