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forget it
Then I thought well maybe I've got a minute
So I took her down to the station
To the back room for some interrogation
Captain doesn't like
come around.
This world's like a vortex trying to suck me in,
I'm lucky to play the role of a drowning Jeff Buckley.
I'm an OutKast in the state
One two, one two
This goes out to my brother Diamond Shell
My man Jazzy Jerome, Def Jeff
I can't forget my man Kevin D and the Midnight Express
Well it's Jazzy Jazzy

Yo my name is Jeff
Well it's Jazzy Jazzy
Yo my name is Jeff and don't forget about my man the Fresh Pr-Prince pick it
Getu de
out of town
In an upstairs apartment, that was three corners down
Click spot for my round
Jeff used to scope pounds
Tanya ran into me, her and Amber