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Trained in combat, hand-to-hand 
Men who fight by night and day 
Courage peak from the Green Berets

Silver wings upon their chest 
These are
On God's green earth the mountains climb with purple haze
Against a sky of stormy grays
There are ebony nights and silver days
On God's green earth

We live
nature's land

Trained in combat, hand to hand

Men who fight by night and day

Courage deep from the Green Beret

Repeat 1st Chorus

Delta Force and CIA
Day breaks over the city of my childhood
Daybreak over the city I called home
Where the sage met the sea and the groves were sweet and green
13 miles down the road lives a young boy
He's got jet black hair and blue-green eyes
And he's mine
And every now and then, he and I
Would sit
combat, hand-to-hand
Men who fight by night and day
Courage peak from the Green Berets

Silver wings upon their chest
These are men, America's best
I live up here on this hill
She lives down there in the green belt
Her parents don't like me cos I'm come from this hill
There little girls future
stroll along

It is known
In special circles
Tree elves guide the way
High above

What people break
Elves rebuild each day
Oh, they live in
fevered brow

Whispering Jesse still rides in the mountains
Still sings in the canyons
Still lives in my heart
Words and music by John Denver

Jim Bakker got eaten by wombats
Fever's spread to town
Ol' Doris Day has been taken away
Has anybody seen my downs?

Popeye got killed in combat
I was living rather quietly by my village in the trees
Don't bother anybody and they don't bother me
I'm always kind to passers-by, I never make
There's a long green valley on the old Kentucky shore
Where I whiled the many happy hours away
A sittin' and a singin' by the little cottage door
you say to me
Live your life for today
Dreams are just fantasies
Waste your time and you pay
Oh, but some time ago
I was on my own
By a green
By Walter Egan

Jean was a girl with style,
Boy, heads turned every time she'd smile,
Envy turned her girlfriends' eyes green
Whoa oh oh Jean.

the riverside
A holy man, from Fife he came
His name they say was Kentigern
And by the spot were the fish was caught
The dear green place was born

the green, give me honey, honey
Some people work, work, work their lives away
But I'll take love over money any day

Yeah, love over money
Three little pigs of Green Jelly
It's Cloudly Now Album of Aviv Gefen (Hebrew)
What's up? of 4 NON BLONDES
a REAL live one
like a red eye
Bright blue horses are the fortune she lives by
She's tired and lonely
Scared and depressed
Her visions of one day go racing the next
green beard nest
I am the land.
That which is so strong and old
Cannot be bought or sold
Mine is the green and gold
Wealth without end.
Ruled by
To see success sometimes you gotta suffer 
I need a woman that's stronger than material needs 
And isn't motivated by green 
Dry my tear-drops
I opened and read it, it said we're in trouble
It said "go green!" what's that mean?
Bought a hybrid hummer to save gasoline
Went to live earth
and fair 
I hear her in the tuneful birds 
I hear her charm the air 
There's not a bonnie flower, that springs
By a fountain, shaw, or green 
as two, two live as one,
Under the bamboo tree.

And in this simple jungle way,
He wooed the maiden ev'ry day,
By singing what he had to say;
One day
the summer it's green 
And in the fall it's orange and red and gold 
Then it comes alive 
In the rites of spring when the rivers thaw 
And the flowers
And one time at Sawgrass I shot 83
If I live long enough to be 88
I think I'll celebrate it by shooting my age

Yeah, I'm 245 right down the middle

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