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This on fire right now [this is east, this is west]
3rd degree [what]

(Vast Air Kramer)
Yo, I been nice but you rather put your hat in your sleeve
(Chorus come in low and gets louder) 
That means you bitch 
3rd ward, nightward nigga 
No Limit, cause I'm in it 
Nigga Ke'Noe, again
If you smoke den fire it up
Bring da roof down
Den holla
If you tipsy stand up
Dj turn it louda
Take somebody by da waist den uh
Now tho it
Take somebody by da waist den uh 
Now tho it in dey face like uh 
Hypnotic robotic 
This here will rok yo bodies 
Take somebody by da waist den uh
called upon for years
Once you were a magnificent fiend, eyes like electric eels
An executioner of the highest degree
Here you are family sweet torturer in
Picture me even breathe on the mic not snapping
I'm fire hot not lukewarm, my arms frozen
Picture me in a room full of hoes unchosen
Picture me with no
featuring Masta Killa  Tekitha 

[martial arts movie sample] 

The technique  depends mainly 

on arm and finger strength 

Once you've
[Featuring you God] 
Yeah ninety six Park Hill style 
Burial ground sound in it forever Dunn 
Verse One: Cappadonna/Cappachino 
Here we
on the grind and decree
By any degree, feelin the burn, the family sayin they love me
Is that what I see? Is that what is after everything nothin but your greed?
the first arm's found we observe the art. Like a belly-acher won't kick face to the curb, rather kick when the face already raped by the worms.

This that {FE-VER} somebody warn the industry
'Fest on FIRE, and burnin in the third degree
'Til they murder me, five-oh get no words from me