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And their rules
They teach you that you're just a number
As they program you in school
So by the time you're out
In their world on your own
But I'm back to win 
So just tell a friend 
That I'm still 
Twisting and bending 
Minds and rhymes until the very end 
With the rhymes
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People, it's time for the Ice crush
So listen to my words I bring much
Sense, as I commence, my lyrics intense
Your telephoto, break out your big
ran and I can't get budged
'cause when your best friend is the jury bottom line is you can't get judged
And that last line went over ya head so
To impress your stupid ass friends
And refuse to get in woman, and get slammed on the ground
And snap like a pool stick against cement
If you suck of dick,
type with 2 fingers
The "hunt and kill" method
I edit one third of a word per second

Your emails sit in my unsent box. If you're a girl that I miss
ain't have nothing but music and family and friends, all the people who actually need you
Do you really gotta check your phone every fucking two minutes?

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