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Sitting on a piece of solar driftwood floating in space.

Magic is the art of influencing the course 
Of events by the intervention 
Of spiritual forces
I'm a happy woman
I made my choice in life
I chose to settle down
I chose to be a wife
And I take pleasure in my quiet hearth
And happy home
The day of Judgment has arrived
Only the blessed shall survive
The second coming of Jesus Christ
Returning like a thief in the night
I'm a happy man
I made my choice in life
I chose to settle down
I chose to take a wife

And I take pleasure in my quiet
Hearth and happy home
they're left with the scent of death threats

in 7 seconds I'll become undone, I'm breaking through
if you're around by the time I reach number one I'm
You won't be next I'm telling ya
Might not die by twenty seven, yeah
Forsake your brothers
Give up on your lovers
To get the things you think you
us that in a battle we can't last
The battle started at 10:30 and by quarter of eleven was no longer eight crews (how many was their)
There was seven
mothafuckin' chickenshit
To the ones who tries to play the E,
By the time you reach Seven you'll be 6 feet deep
Number eight,
Make no mistake,
Move real
can pin you all in them disguises
So if you want to come test
Definite action must proceed
But before it goes down
I gots to alert the rest of my
of cleanin' your cock
Ya burnt seven niggaz, yo, around the block
You always leave a trail, 'cause your pussy, it smell
Fuckin' ho, ya need to quit thinkin'
under ten getting shot by the nine 
8 of them died and left 7 of them crying 
For the 5th and 6th time 
I'm trying to tell you dog 
You done pulled
Come four by four, lose one like Dru Hill
Stay fly 'til you air sick, now that's ill
Two choices, either squeeze or peel, now that's real

dungeon, and summon up the second comin'

People started runnin', aliens with hair like Rastafarians
Captured, placed inside of aquariums, studied by
By now the Crimson reign had proved too much
The monastery was shadowed under dread
But fear decreed that hostile thoughts be crushed
no frontin'
Choices need to be made on the 7th
A catch 22 in my midst, 'cause either way I'm fucked
Go to trial where I'll probably lose, or take my
... got to be an addiction with me!" (Aaahhhh... nothin' like it!)
Hey, beautiful, beautiful! Last one got 'em!
"30 rounds in one and a half seconds
or the choice
But want free chocolate men who'll
Crash 'n' dice you don't mean nice, ha ha
Try to say that fast

[GR8 Scott]