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up to the starting line
Forget the ghosts that make you old before your time
It's too easy to get left behind
I know you've been kicked around
ain't nothin' but a raw ramp
Standin' on a corner by my old high school

I let this female call me a fool
I got on my knees and begged to the sun
laugh like old times
And we'll try to understand

As I see your face, pale and terrified
It's a nightmare coming true
And believe me daughter , everyday
get down, get down, yee-haw

My pop he 'a say to me, he said you got ta 65 until you're old and free
I said a 2 by 2 'a he's a 49
You say ya never get
Dreams now dusty, old and rotten - empty shells (no strings attached).
Amidst the dying candle-light,
I sit forlorn, alone,

A space once filled with
Sons of vengeance, can you rescue me
They got me tied up to an old oak tree
They had me screamin' and alone in the night
I'm beginning to see what's
squares, while patrolling the center
Trading space from material, the time zone, I enter
It's calculated by movement, from pushed pieces
still you failed

I stay on the 64 squares, while patrolling the center
Trading space from material, the time zone, I enter
It's calculated by movement,
(inspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe)
I. Red Death
It was a time when life was short
Long devastated was the land
Never had there ever been
and strife
Don't caught up in superstition 
Or swallowed by old tradition,
Thespians would be completer 
Shouting "Macbeth" in the theater.
How I tortured them faggots and stabbed them with rip the jacker daggers
Slay dragons with old passages from black magic manuscripts
I found in
her actin like he had to have her 
Swept him off his feet but got sliced with the dagger 
Well in these times, well atleast to me 
No true niggas
The fact that we might not want
To be 'saved'.

[The Sorcerers Creed]
Fear is an old friend of mine,
We have met many times before.
(Drawn to these
being direct
I'm unimpressed by these bitches that I see in the press
I'm kinda vexed by the trash like I'm cleaning a mess
'Cause they as real when
the mean time I'll give it a check up

[Chorus - 2X]
Hip-hop just died here's a warning
(somebody ring the alarm)
Hip=hop just died here's a warning
keys get a man singed
2ps, chips in a box
Movies, clips, man watch
Doobies lit
Do by spit getting rocked

Man are real Don Dada
Old school like
Yo man
Let's take this shit back to fuckin' high school lunch time cyphers
When mother fuckers was beat boxin'
And kickin' ill ass flows in
before her time was unseen. 
Their were fooled by her presence and disguise. 
Faithfully they listened and swallowed all her lies. 
"The times are

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