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get mad 'cause we won't flip-flop
'Cause RBL's just like a truck with no brakes, punk, it don't stop
Like Tony the Tiger you know our shit is like great
that while rollin in a ride at the same time
Listen to the bassline
By T.C.
And my nigga named Black see
Poem like d-o-p-e
Sayin fresh rhymes for the RBL
wreckin machine, by all means 

Necessary, I destroyed on contact 

No fear, of getting killed cause I'm strapped 

The Hit Squad's deep, making it sweet
You know what I'm sayin?
So what's the magic word?

Open Sesame, and let down the main gate
Before you scream EPMD, you should wait
I roll with a posse
the middle like a fullback
It's my drug, head to head contact
Mack 11, my best friend in full effect
That's the beat that you been lookin' for, no pussy
For MCs 

This kid he's not the average 

I'm on the rise son like my name was Backstage Laminate 

I got a cabinet of members all who posses
this session,manifesting
On myp's and q's
Never snooze cause i refuse.
Inhale,exhale the smell.
Smokin hay all by myself.
Wildstle,laughin loud.
Wit my
If you ask, bet, i'll take your breath a different aspect
enter the lung get shredded by person to person contact
But beyond that, any rappers death

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