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Georgie-Porgie, all night long
How was I to know what I was in for
I had it rockin' and a rollin' for a while, by George

By, by, by, by George

We bought
My love is a fever
My love is a fable
My love is jazz licks
Improvised by toddlers
Bold Ulysses by nursery rhyme
And firelight

My love is
The knowledge that I can't be what you need
Is cutting off my air supply
And yet this information hasn't reached my heart
And that's why I still try

like a drive-by
We could stack dough sky-high
Niggaz can't touch what they can't feel real recognize real
Crew love, Roc-A-Fella till we die
As long
the light skin girls in all the little dresses, good Lord
They knew we weren’t from ‘round there
‘Cause every time we down there we pulling out the Boost
Could of had it instant, beg, beg baby is all you know, know, know

They try to chase my supply
Well, go and get your own damn high
'Cause I got, I
(Lyrics by V. Frerich)
(Music by F. Krynojewski)

He feeds on the ones that died in the battle
When the sunlight sets, he creeps out of his cave
Military personnel are mobilized and waiting orders

Despite the quiet and the deceptive calm, tension is still
thick in the air after last night's
the bar saying, 
"Everybody drink, the best champagne, it's all on me"
Snitch in the back of the police car
Pointing out the window saying, "He robbed me"
and more as time goes by
Those treasured gifts from other years
Are tarnished, lost or stained with tears
So Santa would you bring a new supply

I'll be
I've learned how to:
(Chorus)Cuss you out in Japanese, Organize my DVDs, Play Solitaire again, and I hear that your doin' fine, smilin' all the time,
And your B.M. trip when she see me in the club
The man, five-oh, I don't see him in the club
Cause he out in the CT with a dick in his butt
Y'all stay OT
they will test ya shawty
24's that's the best VHS shawty
DVD and P-S-2 in ya head rest shawty
I'm on a mission shawty gotta give out my digits shawty
like Jodeci
This is where I want to be
With you screaming 
We out here so what they do
'Cause baby I'm so in love with ya
Everywhere I go I got your
and Click-ish
Like that there nigga, re-cop from Mack Diamond
Pop a collar one time, let me know you're still timin

I'm a Bay nigga, all in L.A. nigga
a fight. There'll be razors flyin' through the air.

Someone's slipping down the hall. Hush, my love, be quiet. Don't you make no noise at all. Meet you by
Yo, all the fans we love y'all
We gon' make one fo' the haters like fuck that

Old school nine eight can you see the Camilion
Below in the celing
Trapped by my point of view
Locked in a waiting room where we are smothered desire
Lost in a notebook who's heartstrings sing out to you
Coming to terms
he ain't even sleep

Say Boosie chill wit all that swervin' too much dope in here
Nigga slow down you betta think about Big Head and Pimp
Y'all want
relentless sifting through bodies seeking self
Settling through competitive combat for what's left on the shelf.
A mad melee of supply and demand driven by
(oh yeah)
She said can I see you later (oh)
And love you just a little more? (9oh yeah)
I kinda hope we get stuck
Nobody gets out alive
She said
(oh yeah)
She said can I see you later (oh)
And love you just a little more? (9oh yeah)
I kinda hope we get stuck
Nobody gets out alive
She said
Eddie had a few days comin'
So he took a Las Vegas jaunt
Out to the land of supply and demand
Where you can get anything you want
He wasn't
Hustle big like Butch in the why-be	-I
We did it 'n died, the gang still multiplied
Sock yo windpipe, cut yo air supply
Hypnotized, not by
Little things, that you do,
That we shared,
Me and you,
Air I breathe, 
You supply me with such wonder stuff
Just one touch is all I need


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