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Scorch our flowering hours
Never cease to bear
Our quiet march through sanity spare

Abrade us into another age
Sandblast our insides until
残ってる? 足跡を
abrade, get well,
abrade, get well,
abrade, get well,
手に届かない(take me along)
de tu corazón
Abrade ya te digo piénsalo
Si nos miramos entre tanta gente fue por algo
Ojalá te decidas por mi 
Ojalá y el viento
Te traiga hasta aquí
At your door
I could be your man but I'd be that much more
And more

So when everything soft abrades you
When fortune has long betrayed you
a decade 
I was excited to finally upgrade 
I always stop, drop, and abrade  

I am ready to move on with my life 
I am ready to let go of the knife  

I let
your choice is made
Abrade from aberration my friend
Depict your growth 'til its end
It's nothing what money can bring
Nor what love can spend
Are you
ognuno complice e mina
Del suo latente infarto
L'incarto è uguale per ciascuno, ognuno è sala parto
Lo scarto si fa rima, s'abrade la cortina
Compare tra
your blood and abrades at your sores
Continue to empty this hole yet it overflows with sorrow
The mound exhumed, tells of history - tells of mourning
The last leaf drops then greys
Seasons quickly turn and end their phase
What we once had flickers dim in the past

What we once did abrades as the hands turn
I eagerly invite you to my plain
Let you fill what was a basin
Much ahead so we don't abrade
I'll show you our rivers confluencing

burdened, draped, encased by chain

Now succumbed, the final stage of torment
Is this really what it means, the gift of life made to abrade?
To quell,
Searching for a sea urchin
To abrade my swollen rump

Oh it hurts and my bloody undies
They'll never clean again
I'm just sure of it oh... oh it
Mais uma vez
Tudo mudar de vez

Shoes that wore once on feet do not wear anymore
Wind that so long blowed is the same
To abrade and destroy
to transmit, I, I

Cut it and pick it up
Chin up, chuck
Why? She's trying not to cry
Never ask her why
She's trying not to cry

Always abrades, moves like living
active, adored.

Adrenaline, adulate, adder and advocate
Advertise, adverse, abrade
Advice, adversarial, advent and aerial
Affluent, after, afraid.

Dot  :
Burn - Your self-inquiries are now
Gone - Abrade your selfish desires

A quandary 
Of the broken and the limits
Of all being
Humbled wings
measured in precious days

Growing, the annoyance
Abrades his inner balance

The many frictions disturbing his mind
Weaken his detachment, strengthen his
I will crush your bones
I will abrade your soul

I will be your toy
I will be your thing
I will tear you down with the twist I bring

I will
I fumble, cry and fade
I kill with every look
I drill with every hook
I am the huddled mass
Love has only ever kicked my ass

I will make a doorknob

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