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I've got a wife and four grown children
I can't afford their education
I've been a prison guard for fourteen years
That ain't exactly a vacation
the woman, and you know there's three or four
Perhaps he's out there laughin' now and dancin' 'round the floor
And yes you try to make the best of it, which
ever been broke? For you to judge me's an insult.
It's my life an' I'm living it, agreed we all have choices but mine limited mostly by my decisions
Artist: Scarface
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These niggas is fuckin with a dangerous game

Hey Joe, what's up baby?

Yeah, I like the beat
qui jamais ne crève

I'v got birds inside my head
Like a music played by band
And the two pump, the two jumps
The two pump, the two jumps
Got to the point where I was driven, twenty-four seven
Money's my mission, just a nigga trying to make a living
These buster tricks don't want no
Quick decisions are made with precisions of blood-spill
Gotta make a mill, got a house on the hill
Protect my grill, and avoid gettin killed
Now if
[Chorus: x4 Krayzie Bone]
There's always something you got to give up (Yeah, I know)
If you want everything you want (But shit I don't know, I
The 213 
The 7 off 7 
The 4 when the ride got off. 
[Snoop Doggy Dogg] 
It be the main did they 
I'm bout to get in 
Used to be situp,
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Thank goodness I tried, 
Your decision was right. 

And all the days went one, 
Two, three, four, five. 
(And all the days went one, 
Two, three,
I take a woman shopping in a store quick
Her ass big, she just trying to make a four fit
Yeah, they need to issue out a recall
I’m going up
The 213 
The 7 off 7 
The 4 when the ride got off. 
[Snoop Doggy Dogg] 
It be the main did they 
I'm bout to get in 
Used to be situp,
through on gleam gleam
bitches on my bra, strap niggas on my g-string
4ft 11 full of fire, my desire, my empire
I make drives, my lyrics, now I'm out peace
And you can ask swift gotti
Don't shit get by me
Ask tommy showtime if I did my time
And you can ask L Dog if I ever felt y'all
And ask rock jock if I ever
coca cola and a can of pepsi
You other muthafuckas just can't impress me

[Verse 2: Shadow Ramirez:]
Have you ever been chased by bacon, or faced with
honesty excitement
the one with class, falsely accused, misconstrued
anger, sorrow, pact, machinary, decisions
collisions, instant gratification
Geek, fag, stupid loser find a rope to hang
I'm not bipolar, see I'm just known by those couple names
I wanna tell my pops but shit, he'll probably

Wha, you cluckerin' motherfu

Listen if you wanna make the deal, you fat motherfucker!
It's at 477 Savona Way, 4 A.M.! And don't fuck me!

Hey I
the top of your dome
With this specified time you can do as you please
Make a decision to create life or spread death and disease

We got 360 degrees
drawn her out too far

She wavered on the threshold of a dangerous decision
For this dark tome was no for human eyes to ever read
The pages dripped with
why our four tour buses hit more cities than Greyhound
Hip-hip hooray, Tha Liks is on the way
I'm like the homey that drops by, and stays all day
love it (Dogg Pound Gangstas)

Twenty inch dub on a 6-4 hoppin'
Pull up and see it's already poppin'
And let my squad on the tu-be	
under the A.C. 
Niggaz be fakin', pullin' they guns out they holsters 
Keep my shit right by my dick like I'm supposed to 
New Starang, I been this way
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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