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gonna happen when you die'
Is there anything else'

Fast forward sixty years (sixty years)
Jim's time is drawing near
But he's not afraid to die (I'm
When I give my love
This time
I'm gonna make it last forever more
And when I give my love this time
I'm gonna give it all I got for sure

a turtle dove
And I've had these blues for just the longest time
It's just some boy on this poor girl's mind

I got the morning blues
Hurt so bad
Honey come
And leave my heart with some happiness

If this is the last kiss
Let's make it last all night
If this is the last time that I'm ever gonna hold you
because I'm gonna kill him. That is what I do. I invent people, and then I kill them.

Jim walks with a limp, but don't worry about it. It doesn't matter
You wouldn’t try, you wouldn’t try

So this is the last song
I’m ever gonna sing about you
The last time I write I can't live without you
this is the last time I'm ever, ever gonna hold you.
Let me hold you tight till the morning light.
If this is the last time.
Ooh we'll ever be
First to get hurt and
The last one to know
Lord, help me strong
This is the time I need to feel that I belong
I know I'm gonna be alright
it die
This is the last time I'll call you from this moment on you're free
But just for the record did you ever love me
Just for the record did you
Time passes by and the thoughts cross my mind
Will I ever see the light of day?
The hurt and the pain all the sorrow that I feel
Will it cease, is
hurt me so many times but this will be your last
The morning news will tell of how they found us side by side
But it won't tell the truth about our
Last time I swore it was the last time.
I'd write these last rites to this last fight.
By the third time around I'm pretty well versed.
Tomorrow never comes

Time, is going by, so much faster than I,
And I'm starting to regret not telling all of this to you.

You're never gonna be alone!
somebody get this close
I'm right back where I got hurt the most
And that's why, oh that's why
Around my heart is where I draw the line

Around my heart
you know you realize, that there's never really anyone
Who's been there all the time (yodel) you know I'm gonna be free

Last time I was Memphis bound,
the years is always
Gonna be this way
Come what may

Because this Christmas time
Get together
It's gonna be so nice
Better than ever
And baby you're the one
I'm gonna let my feelin's show
I'm livin? inside your love

So come with me set sail, we're free
Heaven knows no bounds
Why don't we make this last
unkind to you! 

Well, I'm gonna love you slowly 
With this heart of mine 
Love that lasts forever 
One beat at a time. 

Baby, I'm in no hurry
Last time I swore it was the last time.
I'd write these last rites to this last fight.
By the third time around I'm pretty well versed.
don't wanna hurt no more
I'm saying hello to goodbye
Cause it ain't gonna work no more
I'm saying hello to goodbye
Goodbye, cause we cred
Let's cry,
tell the queen of diamonds by the way she shines
Come to daddy on the inside straight,
Well I got no chance of losin' this time

Last fair deal in
the highway to Tulsa, Missouri
So fast that the hurt can't catch up
I'm burning your memory
One mile at a time
All the way to Tacoma
By then I hope you're out
(I'm gonna miss you)
I've got ties and so do you
I just think this is the thing to do
It's gonna hurt me, I can't lie
Maybe you'll meet another guy
here 'til the time is right baby
'Cause I know when you say yes, Imma fill your appetite
So I'm gonna wait for you even if it takes forever
better than I've ever been
If it's classic it's gonna last forever than 
I'm everywhere you never been and better than I ever been