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In that land across the sea there's a job for you and me
Though our presence there may not be found
We must stay standing
a man makes rules when yet he has no love
And how can a man a woman fill they are above

For an heavenly brother has raised us by his love
And to be
His footprints can be found 
On the graves of dead young soldiers 
On the amber covered plains 
Killed by radio-active rains 

And his traces
music and lyrics by Corb Lund

I have sinned so gravely Brother Brigham, Brother Young

I have sinned so gravely Brother Young

That only you can
Can I lend him a hand
Let him still be a man
Will I run or still be by his side

Am I my brother's keeper
Yes I am!
Am I my brother's
him when we were a-contending
We lost him were he won't ever be found

Oh she early rose the very next morning
And searched the countryside around
brother will be watching us 
He ain't gonna get me, are you gonna let him get you? 
He'll never get me, he'll never get me, no 
Big brother's coming
was stalking time for the moon boys, the Bewlay Brothers

With our backs on the arch
And if the Devil may be here
But he can't sing about that
friend is
When he found out what he had done
He tore his eyes out one by one
The tragic end to a loyal son who
Loved his mother

So be sweet and kind
he be strong or weaker
I gotta lend him a helpin' hand
No matter what his color
Through God he's still my brother
I gotta help him if I can
alone again, again 

I can see a liar, sitting by the fire
Trouble in his heart, laughing at the thought
Coming as he goes into overdose
I wonder

We jerked our guns
He fell with a thud
An I got away
On the Tennessee Stud

Well, I got as lonesome
As a man can be
A-dreamin' of my girl
Who built the ark? Noah, Noah
Who built the ark? Brother Noah built the ark

How did old Noah build the ark?
He built it out of hickory bark
He built
Stick up kids is out to tax
And this is how the story goes

Brothers are amused by others brother's reps
But the thing they know best is where
death certificate

Fuck all, y'all
Lisa got him

Alright, on three, one, two, three
Come on brothers we gotta walk this way
Can't believe it man
ever know what the answer to life really is?
Can you really tell me what life is?
Maybe all the things that you know that are precious to you
Could be
are precious to you
Could be swept away by fate's own hand

We're blood brothers, we're blood brothers
We're blood brothers, we're blood brothers

I looked for mother she wasn't there
No father around to care
Sisters and brothers were not around
And my friends no where to be found

Had a dad
Big and strong
Turned around 
Found my daddy gone 
He was the one 
Made me what I am today 
Its up to me now 
My daddy has gone away

This they did and made the most of it
Tore his coat and flung him in pit

Let us leave him here,
All alone, and he's bound to die
be long gone before the kid recovers
And back around the way, he'll have the chain on his neck
Claimin' respect, just to get a rep

Ten brothers in
had to be planned by me, see that's the key
I only deal with what I can see cause over history, mystery brought us nothing but misery
Man more people
as a man can be 
A-dreaming of my girl in Tennessee 
And the Tennessee Stud's green eyes turned blue 
Cause he was a-dreaming of a sweetheart too 

as a man can be
Dreamin' of my girl in Tennessee
The Tennessee stud's green eyes turned blue
'Cause he was a-dneamin' of a sweetheart too

We loped on back
how long can you watch carnival
Billy said he got the money, put us on the first Greyhound bus
New York City lights gonna be greetin' us