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Lonely (Where Jellyfish Come From)Bee and Puppycatadded 5 days ago
Drowning (Ft. Tyler Young)Frank Gioiaadded 7 days ago
Over and OutKing and Queen of the Losersadded 8 days ago
Are You High? (Featuring The 90s)FIDLARadded 8 days ago
Dead Dad Date NightCaroline Konstnaradded 14 days ago
I Pissed MyselfCaroline Konstnaradded 14 days ago
The Birthday SongCaroline Konstnaradded 14 days ago
The Jellyfish SongCaroline Konstnaradded 14 days ago
A Campaign of Shock and AweEvelyn Evelynadded 20 days ago
My SpaceEvelyn Evelynadded 20 days ago
Vampires Will Never Hurt YouMy Chemical Romanceadded 20 days ago
Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of UsMy Chemical Romanceadded 20 days ago
Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You)My Chemical Romanceadded 21 days ago
I Never Told You What I Do For A LivingMy Chemical Romanceadded 21 days ago
Vampire MoneyMy Chemical Romanceadded 21 days ago
DESTROYAMy Chemical Romanceadded 21 days ago
Our Lady of SorrowsMy Chemical Romanceadded 21 days ago
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)My Chemical Romanceadded 21 days ago
The Ghost of YouMy Chemical Romanceadded 21 days ago
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In PrisonMy Chemical Romanceadded 21 days ago
Give 'em Hell KidMy Chemical Romanceadded 21 days ago
smile at snowDodieadded 21 days ago
IntertwinedDodieadded 21 days ago
Summer NightsSIAMÉSadded 21 days ago
Ryan & DaveRare Americansadded 21 days ago
Milk ManRare Americansadded 21 days ago
Brittle Bones NickyRare Americansadded 21 days ago
Cats, Dogs, and RatsRare Americansadded 21 days ago
My FaceDodieadded 21 days ago
PAINTDodieadded 21 days ago
Freckles and ConstellationsDodieadded 21 days ago
Miss MurderAFIadded 21 days ago
DouchebagShaneadded 21 days ago
Maybe This ChristmasShaneadded 21 days ago
Oh BoBo Burnhamadded 21 days ago
#DeepBo Burnhamadded 21 days ago
Left Brain, Right BrainBo Burnhamadded 21 days ago
NerdsBo Burnhamadded 21 days ago
A World On FireBo Burnhamadded 22 days ago
Repeat StuffBo Burnhamadded 22 days ago
art is deadBo Burnhamadded 22 days ago
Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant)Bo Burnhamadded 22 days ago
Are You HappyBo Burnhamadded 22 days ago
HappyBOOSEGUMPSadded 22 days ago
Come ThroughThe Regrettesadded 22 days ago
SeashoreThe Regrettesadded 22 days ago
Think too hardDodieadded 25 days ago
slow downBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
outsideBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
long long long journeyBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
write a song on the count of threeBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
this is a song for my next albumBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
hide from strangers (being a human, explained)Bill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
all u gotta do isBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
icy jamesBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
still sillyBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
barf on meBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
tuesdayBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
i write stupid musicBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
make me write my songsBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
feel okayBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
blind (to no avail)Bill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
i likeBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
i'm a diamondBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
homeBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
i'm confusedBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
rabbit snakesBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
tape deckBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
when i get olderBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
you’re free to do whatever you want toBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
might quitBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
it's ok to loveBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
dance theBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
La de da de da de da de day ohBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
home from workBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
go home (i wanna)Bill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
i wanna go homeBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
murder your demonBill Wurtzadded 25 days ago
i'm sadBill Wurtzadded 26 days ago
i don't wanna go to schoolBill Wurtzadded 26 days ago
i'm crazy / it's rainingBill Wurtzadded 26 days ago
I'm Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket (Cover)Cavetownadded 26 days ago
Ghost BoysCavetownadded 26 days ago
Treat Your Demons As Nervous FriendsCavetownadded 26 days ago
Ghost Boys (Prequel)Cavetownadded 26 days ago
I Promise I'm TryingCavetownadded 26 days ago
We're AliveCavetownadded 26 days ago
Everything is Temporary (Sticks and Stones)Cavetownadded 26 days ago
Like a StarMike Kroladded 26 days ago
Fifteen MinutesMike Kroladded 26 days ago
Somebody's Baby (Cover)Sidney Gishadded 26 days ago
AdviceCavetownadded 26 days ago
Just Add Water V.2Cavetownadded 26 days ago
Just Add Water V.1Cavetownadded 26 days ago
Banana BreadCavetownadded 26 days ago
DysphoricCavetownadded 26 days ago
Hug all your FriendsCavetownadded 26 days ago
Taking Care of ThingsCavetownadded 26 days ago
10 Feet TallCavetownadded 26 days ago
I'll Make CerealCavetownadded 26 days ago
Talk to MeCavetownadded 26 days ago
GreenCavetownadded 26 days ago
Another One Those DaysCavetownadded 26 days ago
Be your own museHaley Blaisadded 26 days ago
Broken BearingsAtlasadded 26 days ago
PERFECTAtlasadded 26 days ago
alarmAtlasadded 26 days ago
defeatedAtlasadded 26 days ago
internet personasAtlasadded 26 days ago
you're my worldAtlasadded 26 days ago
discombobulatedAtlasadded 26 days ago
chamomileAtlasadded 26 days ago
such sad songsAtlasadded 26 days ago
they/themAtlasadded 26 days ago
aylaAtlasadded 26 days ago
such nice soundsAtlasadded 26 days ago
sing a refrainSidney Gishadded 26 days ago
I’d Follow You All Around the WorldSidney Gishadded 26 days ago
My ComebackDrew Monsonadded 26 days ago
Stupid NowDrew Monsonadded 26 days ago
To Hold AmberDrew Monsonadded 26 days ago
Some Other LightDrew Monsonadded 26 days ago
My FriendsDrew Monsonadded 26 days ago
Milk and ivoryDrew Monsonadded 26 days ago
MillionsGerard Wayadded 26 days ago
Another RoomSidney Gishadded 26 days ago
A Love Song, by CryCryaoticadded 26 days ago
My Song About WaterCryaoticadded 26 days ago
Luv NoteChloe Moriondoadded 26 days ago
StagnantChloe Moriondoadded 26 days ago
WavesChloe Moriondoadded 26 days ago
Silly girlChloe Moriondoadded 26 days ago
on my ownEmmanoodleadded 26 days ago
I havent slept in 10 years and im sick af but i thought it was a good idea to sing a song about soupEmmanoodleadded 26 days ago
ur not niceEmmanoodleadded 26 days ago
I'm ConfusedEmmanoodleadded 27 days ago
The EndJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
AbleJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
KeymanJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
OatmealJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
PennyJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
BreadJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
CheeseJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Good Morning, BlondieJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
HopeJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
MilkJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Tea ErrorsJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
InchmanJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Baby HotlineJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Dead WeightJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Two TimeJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
ButtercupJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Lima Bean ManJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
DoctorJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Is Anyone There?Jack Stauberadded 27 days ago
bumblebees are outJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
PeppermintJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
CupidJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Cooking with AbigailJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
At the StoreJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Eating on the GoJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Mr. BackwardsJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Love BugJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Those Eggs Aren't DippyJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
4.99Jack Stauberadded 27 days ago
EyelashJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
Oh KlahomaJack Stauberadded 27 days ago
fuck you songMabel Yeadded 27 days ago
Beautiful BrainMabel Yeadded 27 days ago
Here Comes A ThoughtSteven Universeadded 27 days ago
The Depression SongCaroline Konstnaradded 27 days ago
Lonely Halloween SongCaroline Konstnaradded 27 days ago
It's PROMCaroline Konstnaradded 27 days ago
The STD SongCaroline Konstnaradded 27 days ago
Wii TennisSPLASH DADDYadded 27 days ago
Raindrops (Cover)Go! Childadded 27 days ago
Decaf + Good MorningGo! Childadded 27 days ago
Intro + Rabbit HoleGo! Childadded 27 days ago
The MasqueradeGo! Childadded 27 days ago
SkeletonThe Front Bottomsadded 27 days ago
Cough It OutThe Front Bottomsadded 27 days ago
Twin Size MattressThe Front Bottomsadded 27 days ago
MountainThe Front Bottomsadded 27 days ago
Legit Tattoo GunThe Front Bottomsadded 27 days ago
FlashlightThe Front Bottomsadded 27 days ago
FatherThe Front Bottomsadded 27 days ago
Swimming PoolThe Front Bottomsadded 27 days ago
MapsThe Front Bottomsadded 27 days ago
Drift AwaySteven Universeadded 27 days ago
Love Like YouSteven Universeadded 27 days ago
Both of YouSteven Universeadded 27 days ago
No Matter WhatSteven Universeadded 27 days ago
FoundSteven Universeadded 27 days ago
Change Your MindSteven Universeadded 27 days ago
Plant KillerHaley Blaisadded 27 days ago
I'm FineAbbey Gloveradded 27 days ago
I Wish You Liked GirlsAbbey Gloveradded 27 days ago
Please Don't GoAbbey Gloveradded 27 days ago
The Hardest PartAbbey Gloveradded 27 days ago
SuperluvShaneadded 27 days ago
This Christmas LifeShaneadded 27 days ago
F**k UpShaneadded 27 days ago
HORROR STORYHaley Blaisadded 27 days ago
Good FeelingHaley Blaisadded 27 days ago
Remove TagHaley Blaisadded 27 days ago
Runaway RunawayMars Argoadded 27 days ago
Late BloomerHaley Blaisadded 27 days ago
Rat of the CitySidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Mouth LogSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
What do you want from me, tonight?Sidney Gishadded 27 days ago
It's Afternoon, I'm Feeling SickSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
CokesburySidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Hexagons and Other Fun MaterialsSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Friday Night PlaceboSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
VaudevilleSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Homecoming SerfSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Buckets of FunSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Midnight JingleSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
!Ed Buys Houses!Sidney Gishadded 27 days ago
WeightedFrank Iero and the Future Violentsadded 27 days ago
JoyridingFrank Iero and the Future Violentsadded 27 days ago
I eat Salads NowSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Where The Sidewalk EndsSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
I'm Filled With Steak, and Cannot DanceSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
New Recording 180 (New Year's Eve)Sidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Imposter SyndromeSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Sin TriangleSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
Presumably Dead ArmSidney Gishadded 27 days ago
My Life SucksScotty Sireadded 28 days ago
Sad SongScotty Sireadded 28 days ago
Mister GlassmanScotty Sireadded 28 days ago
The DrumCar Seat Headrestadded 28 days ago
RuthFlower Faceadded 28 days ago
BedheadFlower Faceadded 28 days ago
All the Lonely Nights in Your LifeAmerican Pleasure Clubadded 28 days ago
PigeonCavetownadded 28 days ago
Devil Town V.2Cavetownadded 28 days ago
HazelCavetownadded 28 days ago

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