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Here's the list of lyrics submitted by acronimous  —  There are currently 88 lyrics total — keep up the great work!

Flowers 693 Views added 4 months ago
Memories 208 Views added 2 years ago
Saints Row
from K.V.N
 287 Views added 2 years ago
Rambler's Son 856 Views added 2 years ago
Hard Hard Heart 194 Views added 2 years ago
Zara Zara 752 Views added 2 years ago
Rock City
from Krokus
 44 Views added 2 years ago
If anything, I’m better off alone 217 Views added 2 years ago
She Burns 10 Views added 2 years ago
If You See With Your Heart 363 Views added 2 years ago
Andre de Villiers 403 Views added 2 years ago
Willy 172 Views added 3 years ago
ליל סערה 47 Views added 3 years ago
Baptized By Fire 125 Views added 3 years ago
Nothing Sure Looked Good on You 248 Views added 3 years ago
This Is For Rachel 917,365 Views added 3 years ago
Samanala Kande Sulagin Musuvi 60 Views added 3 years ago
Caroline 1,204 Views added 3 years ago
Airborne 618 Views added 3 years ago
I'm With You 35 Views added 3 years ago
Sing 13,935 Views added 3 years ago
Tondopa 172 Views added 3 years ago
Rainy Blue Memory Day 36 Views added 3 years ago
Home 183 Views added 4 years ago
Big Time Annie's Square 46 Views added 4 years ago
Flying 27 Views added 4 years ago
Along Comes Tomorrow 163 Views added 4 years ago
Echo 145 Views added 4 years ago
GIVE ME DAT 130 Views added 4 years ago
RingRing 288 Views added 4 years ago
Chambea 1,040 Views added 4 years ago
ILtaan 1,575 Views added 4 years ago
גומיגם 243 Views added 4 years ago
from 6ix9ine
 2,678 Views added 4 years ago
Daughter Of The Moon 1,972 Views added 4 years ago
Comme Ci Comme ça קומסי קומסה 388 Views added 4 years ago
Emancipation of Chibz (Once Awhile Like Goggins)
from Chibz
 1,150 Views added 4 years ago
Toy 1,258 Views added 5 years ago
Ve'eem Tavo'ee Elay 3,251 Views added 5 years ago
Empress So Divine 1,221 Views added 5 years ago
One 563 Views added 5 years ago
דרכנו 123 Views added 5 years ago
Tonight We Are Lovers 1,223 Views added 5 years ago
J. Vialua Avyu chiachi 716 Views added 5 years ago
Hayaan Mo Sila 9,313 Views added 5 years ago
Sundress 282 Views added 5 years ago
Almost Gone 361 Views added 5 years ago
עד שתחזור 95 Views added 5 years ago
פחות מילה 103 Views added 5 years ago
In the music
from Demi-Ly
 86 Views added 5 years ago
Peace Like Mine 51 Views added 5 years ago
Love Feels Like Fire 559 Views added 5 years ago
Mi Tierra
from Martika
 206 Views added 5 years ago
Much More Than That 128 Views added 5 years ago
Defying Gravity 7,057 Views added 5 years ago
Don't Grow Up So Fast
from Train
 585 Views added 5 years ago
from Rocko
 515 Views added 5 years ago
Don't Delete The Kisses 676 Views added 5 years ago
I'm Alone 526 Views added 5 years ago
Nobody's Lonesome For Me 128 Views added 5 years ago
Look What You Made Me Do 3,426 Views added 5 years ago
El Corazon 3,832 Views added 5 years ago
Osad Einy 13,733 Views added 5 years ago
You're The Best Thing About Me
from U2
 1,516 Views added 5 years ago
More of You 24,193 Views added 5 years ago
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme 4,830 Views added 5 years ago
My Halo 243 Views added 5 years ago
Sweet Summer Wind 281 Views added 5 years ago
Love Drought
from Beyonce
 983 Views added 5 years ago
Three Seasons in Wyoming 5,687 Views added 5 years ago
The cup song 121,782 Views added 5 years ago
I Remember 426 Views added 5 years ago
Wish I Could Be Her 1,377 Views added 5 years ago
Runnin' Home to You 48,462 Views added 5 years ago
Ready For It 2,250 Views added 5 years ago
Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit 265,742 Views added 5 years ago
You deserve it 78,615 Views added 5 years ago
Av Harachamim 1,003 Views added 5 years ago
Hang Up Your Rhinestone Suit 136 Views added 5 years ago
Don't Let It Bother You 1,513 Views added 5 years ago
American National Anthem 166,784 Views added 5 years ago
Yaara Teri Yaari Ko 831,304 Views added 5 years ago
I Believe in Santa's Cause 144 Views added 5 years ago
גברת שרה השכנה 105 Views added 5 years ago
ביקור מולדת 127 Views added 6 years ago
לא תתפוס אותי 125 Views added 6 years ago
All Right 1,535 Views added 6 years ago
הגולה 135 Views added 6 years ago

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