Turn the Lights Down

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TJ "Dreamer" Strozier, is a rap artist from Flint, MI. Dreamer has constructed a team in order to establish himself as a dominant force in the entertainment industry, while focusing on meeting the demands of the people as well as expressing authentic talent and individuality.

Turn the lights down
Turn the weed up
Turn the lights on
Pour the drinks up

I'm in the sky, wit a couple bitches who just wanna ride
One of em is cute, one of em real shy, constantly remindin me that they never been high
 Never worry about tomorra cuz I'm livin for today  Spend it all tonight like I'm really gettin paid
That's the only way to get them bitches fuckin anyway 
Mix a lil Sapphire with the lemonade 
My nigga I'm faded I'm faded I'm faded, kickin it wit my fam and we ain't even related 
I don't really give a damn if them if them other niggas is hatin 
Just bring his hoe to the crib, and make her feel amazin 
Roll another if you wanna I know L's got enough 
They ain't freakin undercover man these hoes wanna fuck
 Hahaha and they know that enough, cuz if they wasn't they wouldn't be in the cut

And a nigga right back like I never even left
 Drank so strong that I'm another level
 Blunt so long I'm startin to see the Devil 
But I'm so I'm so turnt up that I'm feelin like whatever 
I been drinkin so long man I on een know
 Frestylin cuz a drunk nigga flow so cold
I'm lookin for whoever tryna get it on the flo
And I on't know nuttin else but I don't wanna go home turn the lights on

Turn the light down
Turn the weed up

Written by: TJ Strozier (Dreamer)


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