To Infinity

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TJ "Dreamer" Strozier, is a rap artist from Flint, MI. Dreamer has constructed a team in order to establish himself as a dominant force in the entertainment industry, while focusing on meeting the demands of the people as well as expressing authentic talent and individuality.


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Verse 1:

-To infinity and beyond is wherever you take it
-Tell my momma that I'm gone and I'll call her when I make it
-I never answer the phone and never return a calling
-I wanna call her my girl but I'm afraid of falling
-So I tell her I'ma see her even though I know I won't
-I wanna tell her I love her even though I really don't
-Baby I don't want a girl but if I did I'd give you everything
-Except a wedding ring and pain
-But I wear my heart on my necklace
-I'm arrogant and reckless and honestly my nigga I don't really give a fuck
-And all my money spent 'bout a month late on my rent
-But I got bitches on my dick like I'm the shit 'cause I'm the shit
-They got me rapping like I made E-Will done got me faded
-Now I'm looking in the mirror at the time that I done wasted
-I got too much on my mind so I gotta stay busy
-And get back up on my grind to make it to Chi City in the fall
-Want it all ain't giving niggas nothing
-Saying whatever I want could give a fuck if you love it
-Meaning that profanity is part of my lyricism
-So fuck you in the ass along wit your criticism


-I'ma take it to infinity and beyond
-To infinity and beyond
-To infinity and beyond
-To infinity

Verse 2:

-Learned a lot about addiction from living with alcoholics
-Now I keep a fifth of liquor and blow that whatchamacallit
-I can't ever be nervous 'cause I'm too afraid to choke
-Trying to find a 9 to 5 'cause I'm tired of being broke
-And I'm sick of being humble, 'cause I deserve a shot
-It's a bunch of sucker niggas with a pocket full of gwap and I'm broke
-Gotta feelin I'ma failure wit a lil bit of hope
-Tell my niggas be patient the time'll come then it don't
-Tell hoes get they own I ain't givin up my last
-Want a lil bit at first but in the end they want half
-I on't trust em, I blame it on my past
-But I only fuck wit bitches that niggas can't never have, I'm good
-I was told to be more lyrical I am, when I should
-If I wanted to take any of yo advise then I would
-I want you to like my shit but I don't care if you don't
-I only listen to myself cuz I'm the best that I know
-My nigga get ya money right, cuz it don't make a difference
-They'll prolly take you to jail just cuz you fit the description
-When you leave put ya pride on the shelf
-And make sure you do ya dirt all by ya mothafuckin self
-Until you get


-I'ma take it to infinity and beyond
-To infinity and beyond
-To infinity and beyond
-To infinity


-I ain't in a hurry I know my time is coming
-Born in the middle of hell but I hit the ground running
-Turning nothing into something (turning nothing into something)
-And tell my niggas I love 'em even though I never say it
-I just let 'em know I got 'em by showing I'm dedicated
-Tell a bitch it's now or never 'cause I ain't waiting for nothing
-We can turn it into something (turning nothing into something)


-I'ma take it to infinity and beyond
-To infinity and beyond
-To infinity and beyond
-To infinity

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Written by: TJ Strozier (Dreamer)

Submitted by: DreamerAMSJ on December 07, 2017


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