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1st Time

by Yung Joc

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[Chorus x 2] It ain't nothing like the first time I'm tryin' to tell you I can blow your mind Baby, if I touch you here and kiss you there Gonna fall in love, shorty, best beware This ain't no love song More like a cut song You say your day was long, well, tell daddy what's wrong I'm a tell you one time, just relax and unwind Whisper sweet nothings, now you blushing, chills down your spine Oh yeah, you hot and tempted Oh no, not Pretty Ricky But when you grind on me I'm a leave you hot and drippin' Slip in those satin sheets Now go and roll over Oh yeah, it's up and down motions like a roller coaster I see she up on top You all on my jock I'm a do it nonstop until your cherry pop I'm a keep going and going, the energizer bunny Mr Long John all in your tummy [Chorus x 2] Won't you let me introduce ya to thug Kamasutra? This ain't no lovey dovey (nah), but watch how I seduce ya Girl, I'm the man, I, I, I'm the man I push the right buttons and the sex on demand Oh yeah, I like it slow Baby, be easy Ooo, watch ya teeth Baby, be easy Tell me your Vicky secrets Tell me all the dirt You smell like peaches Must bath and body works Love the way your body work I'm a make your body rock Once you climax, you feel the aftershock (I know I got you hooked on this lovin' Don't get it twisted; we just cutin', baby) [Chorus x 2] Yeah, I know, I know I still ain't went soft But I gotta go Let's hit the shower, baby It's time to rinse off I'll wash yours, you wash mine I adore it the first time I blew yours, you blew mines Sometimes I'll drop you a line But, look, don't tell nobody Just keep it on the low Not your best friend, not your cousin Nobody's gotta know I know it sounds crazy, but that's just how it is Yung J-O-C, long live, long live [Chorus x 2]


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1st Time

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