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Paris Train

by Beth Orton

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Now your sitting on a Paris train laughing at your own jokes again Sun splits the trees into beautiful broken light Never cry more tears than you could hold in your hands When all the world´s airbrushed it´s a sacred bond of trust Sometimes, sometimes I see right through the scenery The first place that´s on my mind the last place I find each time Sometimes, I swim beyond the scenery The last place that´s on my mind The first place I find each time Now I´m sitting on a Paris train molten ash falls like rain Fire burns the trees it´s a beautiful fatality Love the way you stand your ground sea moves as mercury To break its perfect skin to dare to dive within Sometimes, sometimes I see much more than is good for me The first thing that´s on my mind the last place I´d look each time Sometimes, I slip inside the imagery and The last thing that´s on my mind´s The first thing I´ll do each time Stars racing to burn out Just stars racing to burn out A storm waiting to break Like trees standing black against the sky This was inevitable, inevitable Sometimes, sometimes we can see beyond our history The last place you hope to find the one that´s been there all the time Sometimes, sometimes we can swim beyond the scenery And the first place that´s on your mind The first place you´d find each time

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