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Letter to Britannia from the Union Jack

by Ian Hunter

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Poor Britannia - drowning in your waves With the Body of the unknown soldier and the best of the brave I have known you ever since I was a child How come you don`t salute me - now - when I smile You was always so young and on all o` that money How come new mourners pass you by and think it`s so funny I`d be there with you but I`m chained unto this stake For I am loyalty but my mast I cannot forsake I looked down on a bunch of amusements, I looked down walls I`ve looked on hangings `n parades `n city halls And I`ve seen love in so many living rooms And I`ve seen rich men slowly die inside their tombs I know we`re just two charms but it`s heavy on my mind Have faith in me I said, now, look at time I know you`re just a victim of your history but Have faith in me, I said and you would be free.... You pull me up and you pull me down And when the Queen`s in residence I hang around I don`t wave madly `cos the climate`s civilised Just flutter sadly `cos I`m old `n I`m wise And you-you been up, and you - you been down You been through many things I know you been around I have fought armies for you in the conflicts of the past Britannia, I implore you, do not lower me by half.

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Letter to Britannia from the Union Jack

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