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We in a different time now, bro And we all gotta do our part, man The most valuable things you can offer is your words We gotta feed the old, the young and everybody in between (Woo!) Uh, these niggas be hatin' on the low I just play it cool and confident, they would never know My intelligence is a weapon I use on 'em first It take a smart man to the play the fool And them rules don't reverse, mmh Dummies could never play me (never) One of the best of my generation but media hate me Nigga we grew up on Weezy F. Baby, Lupe and Jay-Z That mean I shoot you, say miss, excuse me Get her in tune and off The Cool Kick push to your old lady, yeah Abi, don't call 'em what they isn't (no) They move the goal post for certain niggas, they not official (no) I know some snorters and sugar daddies, that's politicians (oh) I know some corner boys that could die tryin' pay tuition (oh) Now is you mad 'cause my wallet, my woman, or complexion? Life could be easy but it's never simple And it take a real live real nigga to tell the difference (oh) Uh, what do it take be a gangsta? 'Cause young boys on opioids never felt much, yeahh They chasin' money 'til they taste blood Now ten year old Makiyah dead, 'cause y'all ain't think enough Now the city is prayin', postin' her picture up And every time I see 'em, I shed a tear and get really numb 'Cause y'all ne'er rumble (nah), y'all don't wanna squash it (no) And now we here, it's two parents buryin' their only daughter, uh How could you kill a child? When One of the codes of the streets was keepin' 'em from that violence It's deeper than y'all beefin', them people be out for us If we killin' our people then we become powerless, uh Excuse me I got too deep (yeah) I just signed a contract and now my conscience only thing free (woo) And you can save your props for somebody that care what you think I been skatin' a while, why you try to Kerrigan? Please I'm 'bout to embarrass niggas, I feel that have carried me (fact) This industry very cold but it look to you very sweet Put niggas on big stages put niggas in little beefs You put too much faith in it, it puts you in therapy (Lord, uh) These niggas be hatin' on the low I just play it cool and confident, they would never know 'Cause my intelligence is the weapon I use on 'em first It take a smart man to the play the fool And the rules don't reverse, dummy Wit'cho dumbass, boy Wit'cho mother fuckin' dumbass Well the trials and tribulations They can continue to undermine while we continue to be over paid Whether you like it or not, we will not stop As the soul of our ancestors won't allow us to inflict fear But rather turn fear into fire Olu is the three manifestations of a supreme God Olu is King, you in the presence of Olu Olu (Olu)

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