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Don't Deny Your Inner Child

by The Dead Milkmen

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There are others, and then there is myself I must learn to distinguish the others from myself They are separate people, with different personalities They might not like the things I like They might not eat the same food Or they might not want to go to the places where I want to go There are others, and then there is myself There are men, and there are women Often they don't get along I must try to get along with everyone No matter how stupid they might be Or how asinine their opinions are I must learn to love everybody Even people who are so obviously inferior to me That they make my flesh crawl I will get to know these people And I will cook them a ravioli dinner From a can I found, in Mexico City There are others, and then there is myself I believe in the power of the human soul I believe that the government is in control I believe there's a Heaven up in the sky I believe that my neighbors are human spies Tomorrow I will begin bathing This is the start of a 6 part plan Which will take me into the next century In the coming years, I will stop eating with my hands I will let the dog out of the closet for some fresh air I will put away the rubber mask The cub-scout uniform And yes, finally, even the cauliflower There are others, and then there is myself I believe in the goodness of all mankind I believe that the government is reading my mind I believe there's a god who loves us all I believe in the Beatles, except for Paul I must no longer neglect my inner child For he is very close Right there, under the floorboards I will learn to get in touch with my feelings Even the ones that will probably get me arrested

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Don't Deny Your Inner Child

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