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Day Job

by Todd Rundgren

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Don't quit your day job Corporate-cry baby A bit wiser and a whole lot older, feelin' bolder Suckin' up to the last stockholder with a Golden parachute slung over your shoulder Jacked-up-be-boy Another fool got stuck in the whirlpool Lookin' for a fast break, not enough cake to go 'round Another brother goes down, and he's out of the gene pool Media-pimp Day after day, night after night if the money is right The campaign goes on to make right seem wrong With computer animation and a hip-hop song Land of opportunity, this is the Stop Don't quit your day job Cowboy-politician Suckin' up to the aristocracy Not even sure if you like democracy Tryin' to establish an American royalty, a personal dynasty Priests-of-the-airwaves Let the buyer beware, it's a jungle out there So buy my advice and don't think twice Then me and your money will go someplace sunny Celebrity-stud-monkey Kiss and tell, got a book to sell 'Cause you don't excel or do anything well Since you slipped past thirty, better keep the sex dirty Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money

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Day Job

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