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Right Field

by Peter, Paul and Mary

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Saturday summers, when I was a kid We'd run to the schoolyard and here's what we did We'd pick out the captains and we'd choose up the teams It was always a measure of my self esteem 'Cause the fastest, the strongest, played shortstop and first The last ones they picked were the worst I never needed to ask, it was sealed, I just took up my place in right field. Playing... [Chorus] Right field, it's easy, you know. You can be awkward and you can be slow That's why I'm here in right field Just watching the dandelions grow Playing right field can be lonely and dull Little Leagues never have lefties that pull I'd dream of the day they'd hit one my way They never did, but still I would pray That I'd make a fantastic catch on the run And not lose the ball in the sun And then I'd awake from this long reverie And pray that the ball never came out to me Here in... [Chorus] Off in the distance, the game's dragging on, There's strikes on the batter, some runners are on. I don't know the inning, I've forgotten the score. The whole team is yelling and I don't know what for. Then suddenly everyone's looking at me My mind has been wandering; what could it be? They point at the sky and I look up above And a baseball falls into my glove! Here in right field, it's important you know. You gotta know how to catch, you gotta know how to throw, That's why I'm here in right field, just watching the dandelions grow!

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Right Field

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