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(We Are) The Road Crew

by Motörhead

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Another town, another place Another girl, another face Another truck, another race I'm eating junk, feeling bad Another night, I'm going mad My woman's leaving, I feel sad But I just love the life I lead Another beer is what I need Another gig, my ears bleed We are the road crew Another town I've left behind Another drink, completely blind Another hotel I can't find Another backstage pass for you Another tube of superglue Another border to get through I'm driving like a maniac Driving my way to hell and back Another room, a case to pack We are the road crew Another hotel we can burn Another screw, another turn Another Europe map to learn Another truck stop on the way Another game that I can play Another word I learn to say Another blasted customs post Another bloody foreign coast Another set of scars to boast We are the road crew That's right!

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(We Are) The Road Crew

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