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I like my girls like my women
And my women like my girls
With ice cream on their ass
And my dick in their world
I ain’t fuckin’ around
the reason why
It ain't the way you treat me, it's the way you satisfy
Oh Momma Momma you're just like 18 carat gold
You're the cream in my coffee; you're
Oh, you're his girl

Hello, my name is Mr. Goodbar
I'm came to offer champagne 
Later on, maybe, I'll tell you my real name
But for now sip
shouldn't have invited you to dance

In my tree
I'm halfway free
And in my chair
One quarter there
In my dream
One-sixteenth cream
In the coffee
This is the swingin-est place
In New York City

(Chorus line) NO SHIT!

How true it is
Me and my girlfriend, we come here
Every night looking for that
keep me overblown like a jazz saxophone
At your home by your request and my yes yes y'all
You want to brawl me cause you're feelin fawlty
Cause I pulled
Exacerbated by the fact that my syntax
Is highly complicated 'cause I emigrated
From the single greatest little place in the Caribbean:
Dominican Republic!
signs of the drugs taking effect
e crosses the border east into New Mexico
There is now no question in his mind about the flavor of the coffee
the stars in the planetarium
Deliriously, mysteriously I'm feelin' curiously marvelously
'Super Duper' like Joss Stone

My heart melts like ice cream cones
(stay up homie)
To my partner Shan-O you gotta (stay up homie)
If you're locked in the box keep making it through
Do your time (do your time) don't let
left, my dawg ain't never comin' home

One fight, dude got stabbed, he lost the nine
Almost died, in Camp Jay, n****, ride or cry
Cream has suicide
up out of ya dreams... it ain't what it seems
Let me get inside ya coffee and squirt my cream
You understand
Hear me out peep my slang
Quit acting like

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