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Your face 
Look at this picture everyday 
You with your doubt, 
Me with my big mouth

Welcome home, you never been gone for so long 
Come home
and shut down the fakers

[Freddie Foxxx]
I'm proud to be a black man in my existence, so fuck the Klan
I ain't blinded by your jewels and your million
working for the church while your life falls apart
They're singing hallelujah when defeating your heart
Every spark of friendship and love will die
Prada, my lover, keep on
Working it out ma, my lover, keep on
Doing your damn thing, my lover, keep on
Making me sing this song about you

No captain save
H-world, keep dreaming
Keep working, working, don't stop
Keep working, working, don't stop!

I'm telling you woman
Why you calling me all day if
Niggas keep sayin they gon' heat me up
Talkin that shit like they gon' lay me down
But when I come through strapped to see what's up
Niggas really don't
It's a fight just to survive, working two jobs to keep the meter alive.

Oh Marianne, Marianne wait for me
One day I will be your king and you will be
Hip hooray for true love that's unconditional
Just your baby, no pistol by your side
Nothing wrong with a love of god traditional
Making bridges
In top hats and tails

Fly away, little bird
Fly away, flap your wings
Fly by night
Like the early Roman kings

All the early Roman kings
and kings, all things must fall

No diamond ring's gonna cut through it all

You were working as a graverobber, you could do your job at night

I was living
the things that you do

I, something 'bout this feeling is crazy
Amazing, mistakes all night and day
Makes my temperature rise
Boy your love has got me so
it's working you've given me new hope

Love changes, changes everything
Love makes you fly it can break your wings
Love changes, changes everything
peacemakin bullshit
I heard you spit you like to pull shit
That's all bullshit, you keep your nine on some full shit
You say you bust it, that's BULLSHIT!
still fights
For the right to be King of England
To lord over all
With a rod of iron and steel
But caught in the trap of love by chance
Nobody gives
for me all day, but I never show up

Because the mic is my first love, it'd never leave
I stick a mic in a rapper's ass and make him bleed
I'm Mr.
and on
Forever will your glory reign

No matter what
I'm gonna keep on living
Even when times get the best of me
Cause I'm in love
With the king of heaven
Had a reputation to lose

Oh yeah!
Oh behold the eye
Screw me I'm a tuba
Free as a beanstalk
Coogan flipped for, 
Get down on your knees
it's working you've given me new hope

Love changes, changes everything
Love makes you fly it can break your wings
Love changes, changes everything

(Said) He said stand in front of me
Let me pone that ass
Show em your're my girl
And let me stay

I'll be the king (the king)
As long as, you
feelin' me
I keep it underground, sound's a buck China
Even in Japan they know, I'm the ultimate
Spit at me verse, like it's my last one
Slow ones, fast
leave me by myself
Life is like a dot com, but the blue in my eyes
Aired by your love from but your feuds are hopeless!
You got a lot of bid, that's
like that she working that back I don't know how to act
Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move in slow motion for me
Uh I
If I could have you by my side
And when I love you throughout the night

It feels like a holiday
I feel your body on me like a summer breeze
rivals back home
It's not that I'm bitter
But think how they'll squirm
When they see how I glitter!
The ladies at court
The king will reward me
and doubts 
Giving me everything inside and out, out 
Love's strange so real in the dark 
Think of the tender things that we were working on 

Slow change