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I wish I could be in Knoxville tonight so I wouldn't worry if you were all right
And you wouldn't wonder where I spent the night
If I could only be
so I headed south
Feels like my life?s passin? me by
Oh, I like the sound of me turning around
As I pass the South Carolina line

I?m leaving
caught up by the chase
And you got high on every little bit
I wish you were the one
Wish you were the one that got away

Oh, if I could go back in time
to... drive through your life
Breathe in, breathe out.
Carry on, carry out.
Try to... never say goodbye

I wish I knew
How to tell you
How to tell
And I'd hang onto every word that he would breathe
He'd say boy as you walk through this life
Here's a little wisdom that'll help you get by

things straight
Lord all I know is I don't wanna breathe

I wish I was cold as stone
Then I wouldn't feel a thing
Wish I didn't have this heart
Then I
Rolling by

I can't call with a subway token
Anyway the phones are all broken
I wish you were here
Better yet I wish I was there with you

You know it makes me want to cry, cry, cry

Wish I could be in your heart
To be one with your love
Wish I could be in your eyes
Looking back there
Put my trust in you when trusting's hard
Wish that I could just let down my guard
Want to feel closer than I feel
I stop myself before it gets too
every breathe that you'd take 
I wish that I could just breath you in tonight 

So whats the difference 
Sweetie your like night and day 
I know I'm
She walks over to him and she says 
Do you remember me 
I think we might've met somewhere before 
Southern Carolina is the place that comes
hard to believe that this lonely night
Might be over by and by

I wanna feel you breathe on me
Hold you tight and then I'll be
As close to Heaven
went nowhere
Girl I should have been right there

How do I breathe?
Without you here by my side
How will I see?
When your love brought me to the light
Gotdamn, get off yo ass and jam
Awww Shit, gotdamn, get off yo ass and jam

[Verse 2]
Carolina nigga got the game on lock
You can tell a pimp nigga when you
I got you letter on the table
The keys still in the car
Your lipstick stained upon my pillow
From the night before
I wish I knew my right from
greener grass is anywhere you're at
By the time I hit the tracks on the edge of town
I’m shifting gears, hitting brakes, turning back around
I could kick
am walking through the morning
I wish you were caught by now
I'm afraid of what they'll find
Take the box of magic
Lay it in the back of your mind
'd have never went nowhere (nowhere),
Girl I should've been right there

How do I breathe
Without you here by my side?
How will I see
When your love brought
How I wish you were here.

And experience robs me of hope
That you'll ever return
So I breathe and I burn
I breathe and I burn

And the church
do I get to you now,
Guess I'll have to learn how to breathe and work it out

and I'll float the waves of rolling tides
I'll set my pace by my time
wish to
Said I, But you have no choice
I beg you, sir, she pleaded
From the corners of her mouth
I will secretly accept you
And together we'll fly
Yourself by my pain

Over you is where I stand
I wish I knew why
But I don't understand

I'm waiting on someone that just won't show
And every night
Breathe in the night
Let it know just who you are
How you wish the weight of the world
Would unleash your shooting star

Look up at the light
everything you dream,
I wish that the air you breathe, is all that you'll ever need.
And I wish you nights of love, and days of joy and shoulders when you
To move past the moment
These days go by
And they're gone before you know it
So come on, open your window
Let the light shine in
This is life

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