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Said I'm missin' you like crazy baby all the time
Said I'm missin' you like crazy
'Cause you're on my mind
Said I'm missin' you like
You ain't missing nothing holmes
I promise you ain't missin' nothin' homes
On everything

My uncle did a decade,
Came home, hit the ground runnin'
A loser
A dreamer
Dream on

Dream on

It can't be but what you want
Got your head up in the stars
Dream on

Unraveled by
No one missin' when you need 'em there ain't no fun to sing that song no more

Got a song about a saviour looking lonesome and afraid
At a city full
to kill
You can make all the money in sight
But you ain't livin' the good life

Til you put a girl in it
You ain't got nothin'
What's it all worth
kinda lonely, baby (baby)
I'm too busy to notice sometimes (oh oh sometimes)
I been without you, my love, love
Without you by my side

All the happiness
I'll be missin' you
Hello, Young Savage
What you doin'? Trill Ent
I'll be missin' you, I'll be missin' you

I ain't been home but a few days,
To bring love back to life
Maybe we've been missin' something

And love is wearing at the seams
And you say baby, awe, it ain't nothing
And that's
but now I know what I was missin'
'Cause there ain't no woman like you

I ain't been around the world
But I've been around the block
Don't claim to know
Don't it get lonely baby on your own
Like a rolling stone, well I

I think that I could be the guy
Just what you're missin' baby in your life
By your side
the guy
Just what you're missin' baby in your life
By your side
When the nights get cold
And I could be there for you to hold
Oh baby ain't it gettin'
Been running this highway like a greyhound
Ain't nothing left for me to see
And sometimes I just wish that I could break down
And get on back to you
fightin' for,
No one's listenin' when you need 'em,
Ain't no fun to sing that song no more.

Got a song about a sister,
Waitin' somewhere by the phone,
there ain't no rules

You can win or lose
But you can't choose
That's a lesson in love
There's nothing for nothing
Don't wait until tomorrow
a record ain't nothing if it's not touching
Gripping, draw you in closer make you want to listen to it
And if you real ill at making music
Then lesson
don't know what you're missin'
From Virgina shores to the Gulf of Mexico
Well, head south to Kentucky
Blue Ridge Mountains if you're lucky
your name
And then

Gotta stop and catch my breath
There really ain't nothing left
Tryin' hold on it's gone
I'm movin' on without you
Every time, I dry
Keep showin' you the minor thing
Let me, show you the finer thing
Let me, show you what you been missin'

Right about this time raise your
Do re mi fa so la ti
Forget about the dough and think about me, oh yeah

Do re mi fa so la ti
I wonder who can this creature be? 
He ain't no
By now I really should be over you
But I might as well just give up tryin`
You've got what's missin` deep inside me
And I want it back, girl you
in by the telly
Although the room was smelly
We spent our time just kissin'
The Railway Arms we're missin'
But love had got us hooked up
And all
concerning T.I., a P$C a see ya out.
Ain't nothing even you ain't cuttin', then you don't see the house,
Because you know I got to practice what I preach
proceeds, preoccupied with everything
I think it's 'bout time I sing of nothing

I pray my girl don't turn to my baby mother yet
But in fact I do, I need by
By David Allan Coe

Dedicated to lovers everywhere. May you always find something in my music to believe in and hold you together.

with your pace
You're my, super freak! super freak!
You're my, super freak!

My momma taught me, everything fine ain't the finest